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Our Beautiful Flowers raise their heads once again

Article by Yvonne BosmanAll around St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis one can see the beautiful pink flowers coming out of the grass from the canals alongside the pavements of both villages. This is the Brunsvigia, which belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family. They are...

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 KOUGA Municipality commenced with the virtual review of the 2017/ 2022 Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and the Budget for the 2021/ 2022 period – a first for the municipality. Comments can be posted in the comment section on YouTube or send to cdreyer@kouga.gov.za....

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An inspiration to young and old

It’s wonderful to feel inspired. It gives us that extra zest for life. Albeit trying something new or re-inventing the way we already do something, inspiration adds flavour, colour and motivation to our existence. Inspiration comes in many forms and we are all...

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Council Approves Draft Budget Unanimously

Just in case you haven't yet seen itKOUGA Municipality’s cash-backed draft budget and tariffs for the 2021/2022 financial year, starting July 1, were approved unanimously by Council on Wednesday, March 31.This despite challenges such as maintaining an acceptable...

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New Outfits for Preferred Kouga Car Guards

THE multicoloured, the blue . . . the preferred car guard.In a renewed bid to clamp down on illegal car guards operating in Kouga – especially at the main beachfront and Central Business District (CBD) in Jeffreys Bay – Kouga Municipality equipped several preferred...

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Great Sports at Kouga Easter Festival

 IS it a bird? Is it a plane?No!It is the Easter Bunny with his superhero squad: Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Elsa, and Anna. And they are all geared up to keep residents and holidaymakers entertained at the first Kouga Easter Festival this weekend.The fun-filled...

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Learning to Toyi-Toyi in the land of the free

South Africa is truly an amazing country. I often wonder about what it is that connects us to this diverse and complex place. I’ve observed over the years at how my relationship with my country has fluctuated. It’s not like a love / hate relationship …. more like a...

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Sport and other news 

New water restrictions in Kouga as from Monday

Owing to the significant fall in the dam levels supplying Kouga authorities have no option but to introduce new water restrictions in the Kouga region as from Monday 5th April. Levels are certain to fall further during the long weekend owing to increased usage by...

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Take care in and around water – NSRI

Swim at beaches protected by lifeguards. Only swim in between the lifeguards safe swimming zone that they post on the beach.Parents must ensure that children have responsible adult supervision around water.Don’t go too deep into the surf and if you are caught in rip...

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NSRI issues warning after a busy weekend

Multiple fatal and non-fatal drowning accidents and water related emergencies occurred around our coastline and on inland waters this weekend.NSRI are appealing to the public to be cautious in and around coastal and inland waters.Only swim at beaches protected by...

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Renewing a Firearm License?

If you complied with the first Fire Arm Amnesty a good few years ago your Green License ( No Expiry Date ) was replace by a new License ( With Expiry Date ). For Gun Owners who still have Green Licenses or New Licenses that have expired there is a revised Weapons...

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Beach Protest in Durban

JUST IN -  WHAT A GOOD IDEAMedia Release Surf Protest with a Difference 06h00am-08h30amReleased by Ray de Vries A professional surfer, Beyrick de Vries, a street child and a lawyer will be amongst the protesters who will be in the surf this morning from 06h00 at New...

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