Thursday 3rd September

St Francis Today is presently offline

Dear Readers

I am overcome with the number of messages of thanks and good wishes I have received and it is wonderful to read what St Fraancis Today has meant to so many not only locally but from around South Africa, the US, England and even Germany andNetherlands .. With well over 150 emails wishing me well, maybe rather than saying I have had second thoughts, let me rather suggets that I suspend service for a time and see if I can find someone to take over or I can continue .. Nothing is cast in stone they say but it is unlikely that I will find some miraculous cure.

I may not have alwas enjoyed getting up at 4:00 am to bring you, the readerss, the news, especially in winter but byenlarge I enjoyed it as I am one of those news hungry souls and apart from routine it also served my need.

Here is hoping.

Meanwhile here is some news readrs may find interesting if you don’t subscribe to the SFPO platform.

Apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors my eyesight is also failing, I guess part of the illness deal.