A Quick Nevermind Review- Notes From The Editor

A Quick Nevermind Review- Notes From The Editor

My legendary reclusiveness had reached ‘alarming levels’, apparently, and unless I made an effort to leave the house for a few hours, there would be a problem in the immediate future. 

On a side note, I wonder if it is just the fact that we are just getting older or if Covid changed the way we view our realities. These days, I am thrilled to stay home, hang out, act childishly with the kids, rattle the ice around a glass of whiskey, and enjoy the silence. I know many of my friends and associates feel the same way, but I digress; we headed for Nevermind, a very comfortable dining decision. 

It was a warm evening, and the restaurant was busy but not packed, with a general conversation level of noise going on. We had booked a table, and despite getting stuck at the Pig and Rooster for a little while, our cosy table was still waiting for us.

Wood-fired Lemon Potato Bread

We started with the wood-fired lemon potato bread, a dish my daughter won’t stop talking about. Straight out of the pizza oven, it came with whipped tahini and chimichurri, and the three of us nibbled on it and dipped the bread until all the plates were squeaky clean.  

My daughter chose the chokka and chips from the kid’s menu and told us that it was ‘lekker’, which is quite a thing for an 11-year-old currently breaking new global boundaries for mealtime fussiness. 

Tuna Sashimi Tostado

My wife and I shared the tuna sashimi Tostado with hibiscus salsa macha and avocado puree. It was an exquisite blend of subtle yet delicious flavours. It gently changed my perspective on how we see and generally consume sashimi, usually with the blunt flavours of soy and wasabi. 

Pani Puri

We then shared the pani puri, an Indian coconut ceviche with a medley of flavours from traditional spicy and sour that lingered delightfully, offset by the Indian coconut, and had textures from soft to tender to crispy. In more straightforward terms, ‘Yuss, this dish put me in such a good mood, ekse.’ 

We finished off with an Irish and a carafe of the charming Gabrielskloof The Blend. 

All in, what an absolutely lekker evening. 

The service was excellent. 

Our meal, excluding the initial bar tab and our tip, cost R746. 

Nevermind on Facebook

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Notes From The Editor – Of Burgers and GromComps

Notes From The Editor – Of Burgers and GromComps

It has been a long month, January, with all sorts of reserves depleted and the credit cards pinging and declining whenever I pop in to buy some wine or food for the kids (no order of priority there, I promise). Still, we all made it through the busyness of the silly season, visitors, guests, and whatever. Well done to all retail outlets and restaurants for their excellent holiday service.

This weekend, we can look forward to JP’s burger night at the Full Stop tonight and decent weather on Sunday with a significant wind switch.

Grom Competitions

Sunday will also see the first of a series of Seal Point Boardriders Surf Club Grom contests at the Seal Point beachie. Open to members of the club who are U18. If you want to come along and see our young rippers and future champs, we’ll kick off around 11 a.m.

Then let’s not forget that Wine On Water is just around the corner – in early March, actually. If you’re one of the lucky ones who got tickets, then you’re already in the know. Find out more here.

Then there is the very exciting news of the groynes being built, with much happening in this respect in the first quarter – more here.

We are still in the dark about the outlets coming to the petrol station precinct. There is a lot of serious building going on there, and no one can shed any light on what the three buildings are going to house. There are all sorts of rumours. Can anyone enlighten us on this development? 

The River Club

The River Club has proven to be a great success, with so many people coming down to have a game of Padel or to enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant. Have you tried Padel yet? The kids love it and have impromptu tournaments, and the parents have a few dops while the kids play – winning combination. More here

That’s my 300-odd words; thanks for reading. 



Notes From The Editor – Banger Of A Season

Notes From The Editor – Banger Of A Season


It was a Banger Of A Season in St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis. Excepting for the weather, that is, and the resultant poor surf, the season was epic. Fully booked restaurants, buzzing coffee shops, packed out Cape St Francis Beach when the sun was out, and visitors and locals alike enjoying the two weeks of madness. 

There was so much going on, and I completely turned off all sorts of social media after seeing the incredible amount of bemoaning and whining on Facebook. Still, amongst it all, a few highlights raised eyebrows, impressed or made us chuckle. 

Plus 27 at Billy’s. 

Jordy Smith’s new movie premiered at Billy’s Beach before the big jols started, and it was an excellent movie with literally half of the country’s surfing community there to watch and cheer on. It was great surfing, inspiring everyone, and then it went onshore for about two weeks. 

Billy’s donating R500k to charity.

A huge thank you to the organisers of Billy’s Beach for an incredible R500 000.00 donation towards the Rotary Club of St Francis’ charitable and community projects. The donation was presented at the Ballie’s Charity Event on 2 January 2024 and gratefully accepted by Rtn Andrew Watson on behalf of the Club. Matt Davis, representing St Francis Football Clubs, was also on hand to thank the donors.

St Francis Rotarians will manage the distribution and expenditure of the donated funds on behalf of Billy’s Beach. They will consult with their management team this week to determine how the funds will be put to the best possible use through 2024.

What a fantastic difference this is going to make! Thank you, Billy’s Beach and all those who supported their charity event.

Season Was A Banger

The River Club

It’s so lekker to see a new hub in St Francis doing it right and getting the attention it deserves. The River Club opened just in time for the season, and it was most definitely a case of, ‘if you build it, they will come.’ The Padel courses were busy, the restaurant was rocking, and everyone in the village was talking about it. Love your work, guys. 


One minute, we were looking at the beauty of Shark Point from Seals car park, and then there was sommer a trawler parked on the Shark Point rocks, upsetting the feng shui of our views. We still need to work out how a 29m trawler managed to park onto the rocks at Shark Point with zero swell and light wind conditions. Well done to all involved with the rescue.

Season Was A Banger

Photo Dave Bowmer

Wild Side Sunsets

These things have become quite popular. There is not too much parking around sunset on the entire Wild Side stretch as everyone goes down to have a glass of refreshment; watch the sun go down and take as many pics/selfies/videos as possible of the dying of the light. Need to go down early to get a park and a prime piece of beach, but it is very festive and quite a sight to behold – all the people, as well as the sunset moments.

Party Response

There was a massive party in Lyme Road South recently, and I saw a post a few days after the fact from a neighbour and it read something along the lines of, “Big party on Lyme Road South…

Congrats on your playlist, partypeople. You can keep us awake with those bangers any day of the week.” That’s a very cool approach.

Police Chase

Then, we also had the big police chase in St Francis Bay, with a young (underage) driver evading a roadblock, and a high-speed car chase ensues. The car ended up crashing into a tree; no one was hurt, thank goodness, and who knows what happened when the police arrived. The comments under the photo were pretty hilarious, though.

Flash Float

The Flash Float was another massive success, with 3,500 people floating along for a good cause. Well done to the organisers. 


Notes From The Editor – Elvis has left the building, for a while, and enjoy The Flash Float

Notes From The Editor – Elvis has left the building, for a while, and enjoy The Flash Float

Dear Readers

Well, that’s it for 2023, a veritable Annus Horrbilis for many and a good year for others. We had such a great start to the year and enjoyed a few memorable trips overseas with my family.

This season of bliss came to an abrupt end after an incident at Bruce’s, followed by a fairly intrusive medical procedure and then a bout of man-flu (the worst kind of flu) over the festive season. This, combined with an unusually long period of easterly onshore, has tried hard to dampen our spirits.

Still, no complaints. We live in a very special place, and we are very lucky to call it home. Next year, we will see some amazing events and happenings in our town, as we continue to grow towards being the events capital of the country, and there is lots of excitement over that.

St Francis Today will be taking a break for next week and possibly a bit further, depending on the surf. Here’s to a blessed New Year and all the best wishes and good luck for 2024.

Don’t forget the Flash Float today. With 3,500 people attending, there are a few rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to. Enjoy your float, and see you all soon.


St Francis Flash Float

(all photos from Flash Float Facebook Page)
For those new to the event, here is a quick recap on how it works:
Our team of car guards will be helping you park from the fire station, along sunset drive and canal road. Drop & Go at corner of Sea Glades Drive & Canal Road. NO THRU TRAFFIC TO SHORE ROAD. Expect traffic congestion!
Walk to the Float Launch at the pumphouse. Only bring items that you can float with!
Float Launch will be to the right of the pumphouse. Our team will guide you as to where to go!
Go with the Float towards the Cove to the finish
We are expecting 3,500 people and safety is our number one priority. We will have NSRI, lifeguards, medics, as well as numerous volunteers onsite. However, please be vigilant and have eyes on the people around you to be sure everyone has a safe float.
Please review the Float Rules and Indemnity notice, as a participant of the event and by purchasing a wristband you have agreed to the following terms, which are detailed within your tickets –
All Floaters MUST be competent swimmers
All children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult and on a have life vest.
NO ALCOHOL is permitted at the event
ALL participants take part at their OWN RISK
The Organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss, or damage of belongings, even in the case of negligence. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure.
Notes From The Editor – Local Knowledge Is Yours

Notes From The Editor – Local Knowledge Is Yours

We’re in the thick of all the visitors to our village and it’s all pretty cool. The shops are already busy, and although we know there have been quite a few gripes, moans, and complaints on social media, we won’t dwell on that. There are quicker ways to get things done than to pompously moan on Facebook.

Instead, we take this as a time to focus on local knowledge and how to put it to good use for your own (local) benefit. Here are a few ways to stay ahead of the crowd game. Remember that local knowledge is yours.


If you’re going to the beach, find a secret parking spot no one knows about. It might be 100 meters from where you really want to be, it might be 200 meters, but if you find a spot, it’s yours for the summer. A friend may have a house nearby, or maybe you know someone renting who doesn’t mind if you park on their verge.


Dial yourself in with the weather. Specific beaches change drastically when the tide is really low, and other little nooks, crannies and pools love a high tide. That knowledge will help you utilise your time at the beach.

Food vendors:

Get to know a food vendor. If you are spending some time at the same beach, discuss making a payment upfront so that your transaction time at the food truck is minimised, and it just becomes a tick list. Not all vendors will do this, but some will.

Shopping: Local Knowledge Is Yours

Figure out the best shopping times. Many people think that the 8am run is the best time for the SPAR, but if too many people think so, then it becomes a popular time like it has become. Monitor the crowds when you go in and start working it out. Ask a teller, and if you see a manager who isn’t running off his or her feet, then ask that person. They can tell you the trends.


Stock up on your booze. There is plenty of alcohol available, but it is one of those items that you can buy well in advance, minimising your shopping expeditions. So go in, go massive, and then sit back and sip on your bubble/G&T/B&C while the rest of the rabble queue.

Beach time:

Hit the beach as early as possible. Many people are jolling, and they are going quite hard. In the morning, they are sleeping, and the beaches are quiet. Best time for a surf or a quick goof.


Book early. If you want to go out for dinner, book days in advance. It will be that busy, and that way, you will avoid disappointment. Don’t be dismayed if there is no availability, even if you are a local. The restaurants take bookings every day, which is definitely a case of first come, first served, or first in best dressed. Whichever way you see going out for dinner. Don’t forget to check out the St Francis Tourism website for more.

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New Writing Contest Announced – Win R1000

New Writing Contest Announced – Win R1000

Dear wordsmiths and storytellers extraordinaire,

Hold on to your pens and buckle up because we’re about to embark on a literary adventure like no other! We’re thrilled to announce our brand-new writing contest where you have the chance to win not just fame and glory, but a cool R1000 cash prize.

New Writing Contest Announced

Here’s the lowdown: We want you to unleash your creativity and spin a tale that captivates, entertains, and leaves us wanting more. But here’s the twist—we’re giving preference to stories with a local slant. Yes, that’s right! We want to hear about the colorful characters, the hidden gems, and the quirky happenings right in our own backyard.

Now, we know R1000 is nothing to scoff at, so we’re expecting nothing short of literary brilliance. Maximum word count? 600. That’s right, we’re challenging you to pack a punch in just 600 words. The clock is ticking, and your keyboard awaits.

The heart of our community

Think about it: your story could be the one that transports us to the heart of our community, introduces us to characters we never knew existed, or leaves us laughing until our sides hurt. The more entertaining, the better!

So, whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or someone with a tale itching to be told, this is your moment. Dive into the vibrant tapestry of our local scene, weave a narrative that grabs our attention, and who knows, that R1000 could be yours.

Submit your masterpiece in the next 30 days, and let the literary games begin. The journey to the grand prize has never been this exhilarating. Get those creative gears turning, and may the most entertaining story win!

Happy writing,

The editor

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