The reserve management team have been deployed to the Cape St Francis Reserve for further alien clearing in the last few weeks. When walking the trails one may well feel that the reserve is alien free, but if one wonders of the beaten track into one of the valleys one realizes that the alien problem is far from mastered and will take the team most of winter to clear.


There are two fund raising events for FOSTER coming up:-


Dr Carla Dodd from Nelson Mandela University will be giving a talk at the Cape St Francis Resort on the 14th of May at 17h00 titled “Our Wildside Pools a Window to 3.5 Billion Years of Life” as a fund raiser for FOSTER. There will be an entrance fee of R75 and Dr Gavin Rishworth will also be in attendance. This will be a fascinating presentation and will allow us to see these pools in a very different light in the future when we understand their significance and role they play in our eco system.

The FOSTER Jol is back on the 1st of June at the Cape St Francis Resort, themed Cowboys & Indians with two local bands set to rock the house, Ghost Riders will open and will be followed by On the Rocks, whilst the Jason from the resort will be providing suitable pooitjies to keep your energy levels up. Tickets available at the resort or on Quicket, R300 for adults and R150 for kids, which includes food. So come in your best Western attire and prepare to party.


The bridge on Mahe Beat Street restored at cost of R3 million

Bridge damaged by floods restored at cost of R3 million


KOUGA – The bridge on Mahe Beat Street in St Francis Bay, which suffered severe damage from flooding last year, underwent extensive restoration at a cost of close to R3 million – incorporating innovative designs to mitigate future risks posed by stormwater runoff.

The funding for this restoration project was sourced from the Disaster Relief Grant allocated to Kouga Municipality.

“Beyond mere restoration, the project took a forward-thinking approach by incorporating innovation designs to safeguards against future flood risks,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman.

The new bridge design now includes provisions for safely diverting potential stormwater runoff into the canal underneath, thus reducing the likelihood of future flood-related damages.

Additionally, the project involved the implementation of enhanced road surfacing, which facilitates improved channelisation of stormwater runoff.

Bornman said this proactive measure significantly diminishes the risk of future stormwater damage to the area, ensuring the long-term resilience of the infrastructure.

“The restoration of the bridge stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation in the face of natural disasters,” said Bornman. “Through the utilisation of municipal disaster relief funds, the municipality has not only addressed immediate infrastructure needs, but also implemented forward-thinking designs to mitigate future risks.”

“The completion of this project marks a significant milestone in the road towards a safer, more resilient future for the region and its residents.”


One Ton Of Vegetables Delivered –  Mayoral Initiative

One Ton Of Vegetables Delivered – Mayoral Initiative

Kouga Municipality has, once again, facilitated the delivery of one ton of fresh vegetables to various soup kitchens in Loerie – aiming to alleviate food insecurity among residents due to the increased cost of living.
This delivery is after the municipality delivered two tons of vegetables last month.
This benevolent effort is part of a larger mayoral initiative generously supported by the Wildeklawer farm in Barkley West, owned by Louis de Kock and his wife, Cora.
We look forward to the ongoing collaboration with Wildeklawer in the coming months, contributing more vegetables to residents facing hardship.