A Step-By-Step Guide To Assist A Tenant Through The Renting Process. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Assist A Tenant Through The Renting Process. 

Making the best rental decision means knowing the ins and outs of renting a property and who is responsible for what. 

It is always advisable to work with a professional property practitioner. 

  • Their contract contains all the clauses to protect both tenant and landlord. 
  • All money is deposited and distributed through certified accounting packages with proper statements issued monthly to both landlord and tenant. 
  • All deposits are invested in the beneficiary’s name in an interest-bearing account. 
  • They abide by legislation as prescribed by the RHA (Rental Housing Act) 
  • Here is a step-by-step guide to help you remember what to look for when renting a property. 

1. What you need to get started: 

As a potential tenant, there are a few things to consider before you can rent a property: 

  • Can you afford it? Can you afford the rental payment and the deposit, which is usually 2 months’ rent upfront? 
  • Are you creditworthy? A Credit Score is a three-digit number that helps lenders, employers and landlords decide whether to give you credit, employ you or let property to you. 
  • Are you prepared? You will need the following to enter into a lease agreement: 
  1. A copy of your ID. 
  2. Your credit score.
  3. A copy of your latest salary slip/proof of income.
  4. Latest 3-months bank statement.
  5. Sufficient funds are available to pay the deposit (the equivalent of one month’s rent) and the first month’s rent. Rent is always due and payable the month in advance. 

2. Signing the contract 

Weigh the pros and cons of leasing from a landlord versus leasing from an agent. Before you sign any lease agreement, ensure it contains the following information: 

  • The names and addresses of both parties; 
  • The description of the property; 
  • The rental amount and reasonable escalation; 
  • The frequency of rental payments, i.e. monthly; 
  • The amount of the deposit; 
  • The deposit must be invested in your name (the Tenant) in an interest-bearing account; 
  • The lease period; 
  • The notice period for termination of the contract; 
  • The lessor’s obligations; 
  • Any other costs payable by the tenant; 
  • A list of defects; 
  • A list of the furniture included if a furnished property is rented out; 
  • A detailed inventory of all the items, furniture and fittings included as part of the rented property; 
  • Access required by the Landlord during the lease period; 
  • The House Rules, if any.

3. How to deal with the deposit? 

Make sure the following information is part of your lease contract: 

  • What is the exact amount of the deposit? 
  • What happens to my deposit? Where is it deposited? 
  • Is my landlord allowed to withhold my deposit? 
  • What is “fair wear and tear”? 
  • When do I get my deposit back? 
  • How will maintenance issues be addressed during the lease period? 

4. Terminating the lease agreement. 

  • The lease agreement has to set out in detail: 
  • What notice period should I give should I want to terminate my lease? 
  • Do I need to pay anything extra? What costs does the Landlord expect me, the tenant, to pay, i.e.:
  •  Garden services 
  •  Pool services
  •  Alarm
  •  Levy 
  • Can a landlord withhold my deposit? 
  • What happens if my landlord sells the property? 
  • What happens if the landlord does not maintain the property? 

4. The Rental Housing Act 

What happens when problems arise, and what are the landlord and tenant rights. The Rental Housing Tribunal was established to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants, and they deal with issues such as: 

  • Deposits 
  • Non-payment of rental 
  • Exploitative rentals 
  • Condition, use and maintenance 
  • Utility services 
  • Lease agreement disputes (verbal and written) 
  • The rights and duties of landlords and tenants 
  • Damage to property 
  • Eviction 
  • House rules 
  • Intimidation 
  • Issuing of receipts maintenance 

By  Marsha

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Rotary Thank You Letter To St Francis Community For Support For The The Golden Oldies Santa Shoebox Project

Rotary Thank You Letter To St Francis Community For Support For The The Golden Oldies Santa Shoebox Project

The Golden Oldies Santa Shoebox project has been rolling out across the communities of Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp and St Francis over the last week to bring a little bit of joy to some our most needy senior citizens this Christmas.

The Rotary Club of St Francis would like to thank the community of St Francis for the amazing support which enabled us to contribute handsomely to the target of 500 packages containing basic hygiene products and sweet treats.

In particular, we must thank St Francis College for adopting this project for this term’s Thoughtful Thursday project. The College contributed 100 packets carefully packed and decorated by the school children, many with lovely messages written on.

The roll-out began with a delivery of 30 boxes by volunteers to Hospice in Humansdorp on Saturday 19th November to be distributed to needy Hospice patients during December.

Rotary Thank You Letter

On the same day the packets prepared by St Francis College were distributed to the residents of Ons Tuiste in Humansdorp. The school’s choir delighted the residents who were able to attend the braai by serving their lunch, entertaining them with a medley of Christmas carols and then handing out the gifts and chatting happily to all the Oumas and Oupas.

Thanks must also go to the volunteers from Polipharm and J-Bay Trauma Centre and the Rotary Club of St Francis for providing the braai lunch and to the staff of Ons Tuiste for assisting volunteers and College students in handing out the gifts to those too frail to attend the lunch.

The roll-out continues this week in Jeffreys Bay and Pellrus and next week in St Francis.

Thank you once again to everyone for entering into the spirit of giving and remembering the less fortunate amongst our senior citizens. Most of these pensioners are surviving on minimal pensions, and will be alone over the Christmas season – so we hope these gifts will help lift their spirits put a smile on their faces.

Rotary Thank You Letter

L- R: Tracy de Jager, Rtn Errol Burman, Sister Ingrid Williams, Rtn Lyn Aitken, Rtn Ivan Beaumont.

By Lyn Aitken

Rotary St Francis Bay

How To Ensure A Happy And Memorable Festive Season

How To Ensure A Happy And Memorable Festive Season

The Human Side Of Money presented by Client Care Lifestyle Financial Planning

As 2022 approaches its end and the new year starts together with our new hopes and aspirations, the festive season looms. The last few years have been tough on all of us, especially those who do not have limitless financial resources. Markets have tumbled twice in the last 3 years, temporary affecting our investments and interest rates have moved up 3.25% just in the last 11 months causing everyone’s debt (cars, houses, etc) to skyrocket. Most of us have had to tighten our belts which we all know ultimately affects our lifestyles.

We always look forward to December as it is a time when family reunites, we see old friends and we all aim to relax and have a festive time. At the same time, the festive season comes at a financial cost, and this can be the cause of disagreements and stress. Here are 3 points you can help you stress less this December while still making sure you have a memorable time.

  1. Agree on a December budget.

Agree on what you can spend over December in total then plan your activities around this. Set guidelines for Christmas gifts such as the maximum cost of presents or go the “secret Santa” route. Decide where and how many times the family is going to eat out and book ahead so it is something everyone can look forward to. You can plan your home meals, things like a burger night or pizza lunch allow you to control the cost of these special times and keeps everyone involved.

A Happy And Memorable Festive Season

  1. Schedule activities and stay flexible.

Very often over December our homes are filled with family members of all ages, from Grandparents to toddlers. Consider activities that will appeal to the whole group and where some special family bonding can take place. Kids need to burn off energy and us oldies need time to relax and recuperate, so make sure that everyone gets some of what they need. If babysitters may be needed some of the time, plan this ahead.

  1. Preserve the memories.

Who knows when everyone will be together again so make sure that you take plenty of pics and even videos of the special moments. Thankfully our phones have camera’s that can help with this and help us share these moments with the whole group. These pics can be enjoyed over the next few months and for years to come.

A Happy And Memorable Festive Season


Planning is the key to less stress and happy times, make sure you discuss as much as possible before the festive season and then enjoy the fruits!

Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Planner

t. 083 261 9287

e. dirk@clientcare.co.za

Client Care Lifestyle Financial Planning

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Master distiller Lesley Gracie visited Cape Town to unveil the new Neptunia at an appropriately curated gin pop-up at the Radisson RED Hotel in the V&A Waterfront.

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