Partnership to transform Aston Bay road

The Aston Bay road is about to undergo a transformation.

An overview of the work to be done along the Aston Bay Road.

Work has started on a joint project that will help to safeguard motorists and pedestrians while also beautifying the area and putting in place extra recreational facilities for the surrounding communities.       

Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman said the project was inspired by growing concern about the safety of road-users, as well as that of children who play on the open stretches of land nearby, and the cleanliness of the area in general.

“We had several meetings with those communities directly affected and just about everyone agreed that a pedestrian fence would be the best solution, coupled with the development of an alternative road between Jeffreys Bay, Aston Bay and Paradise Beach,” he said.   

He said the municipality would be partnering with the Humansdorp Co-op, Marina Martinique Home Owners Association and Pure Design Architects to bring the project to fruition.

Work to be done, includes the erection of a pedestrian fence of about 1km in length on both sides of the road.

There will be five gates in the fence on either side of the road.

“They will be v-shaped, so as to prevent animals from getting through and causing problems on the road,” Bornman said.

Additional speed humps, pedestrian crossings and solar public lights will also be put in place.

“To top it off, we will also be developing sport fields and a play park for children on the open stretches of land next to the road, with the fence providing a protective barrier,” he said.

He said the Humansdorp Co-op will further help to keep the area bordering the road clean and litter-free. 

“We are very grateful to our partners in this project. It has the potential to make a major difference in the lives of the neighbouring communities and those who depend on the road to travel between Jeffreys Bay, Aston Bay and Paradise Beach.”

Bornman said a feasibility study was underway to determine whether it would be viable for the municipality to create an alternative road between J’Bay and Aston Bay by extending Duine Road to the Marina Martinique Road.

“We are also looking at the possibility of opening up and extending Diaz Road to connect to Duine Road,” he said.

Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman, ward councillor Sindiswa Makasi, Willie Oosthuizen of the Humansdorp Co-op, Vernon Heunis from the Marina Martinique Home Owners Association and Jacobus Scott from Pure Design Architects got the project underway this week.

Press Release Kouga Municipality

Circle Plot Saga Cleared Up

St Francis Today has received several calls regarding the clearing of the land adjacent the roadworks at the St Francis Bay entrance circle. Well St Francis Property Owners in their latest newsletter have cleared up some of these queries. According to the newsletter ‘these are private properties and the owner has cleared these in response to complaints from neighbouring residents regarding the fire risk posed by overgrown alien vegetation on these properties.’  

Those concerned that these plots were going for a taxi-rank can thus rest assured that these plots are not going to be used for this purpose for formal taxi rank is rather being envisaged within Sea Vista and discussions are underway with the Kouga Municipality in this regard.

More good news is that apparently all the necessary contracts have now been signed off by the Kouga Wind Farm and the contractors so work can finally start on the pathway between Sea Vista and the village. The pathway is to be paved and will be lit and have CCTV cameras thus offering those using the pathway at night safe passage. We have heard that start on the pathway is imminent on several occasions so let us hope that it is indeed about to start for the safety of those working is the village do indeed deserve safe .

Before who are against most of what SFPO are involved in get hot under the collar that their money is being spent on Sea Vista, relax, the project is being fully funded by The Kouga Wind Farm Community Trust. Their funding includes the CCTV cameras and lighting that will be installed along the pathway for the protection of those using it.

Whilst there are those who are inherently opposed to virtually anything the SFPO proposes or does there is no doubt they have already made several positive improvement to St Francis Bay. Continue your good work – you have many more supporters than detractors.

Successful Snare Hunt

A successful hunt for snares was held yesterday 

Sandra Hardie who organised the SNARE HUNT  commented on the wonderful turn-out for the snare hunt yesterday and thanked those who joined in the hunt. The bounty collected on the hunt included one broken old snare, a horrid small barbed wire & two rope snares. Seemingly a number of bushbuck alerted, lots of spoor & faeces. Desmond from SPCA joined the hunters.

Apart from snare sweeping the team did a sterling job of collecting bags & bags of litter.

The next snare hunt Thursday 18th April 2019 and more information can be obtained from Sandra Hardie 079 634 5391.

Snares found on yesterday’s snare hunt


Water outages at St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis

Intermittent water supply over next three weeks in Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay

Water discreteness will be conducted at Sea Vista and Cape St Francis over the next three weeks and could lead to water outages for up to four hours in these areas. 

Kouga Infrastructure and Engineering Councillor Freddy Campher said expert contractors had been appointed to carry out the tests, aimed at helping to combat water losses.

“The Re-Solve/EAS Joint Venture has been tasked to conduct discreteness testing in order to optimise the water reticulation system, as well as to locate potential leaks,” he said.

Campher warned that the tests could lead to a drop in water pressure or water interruptions for up to three hours in the areas where the teams were working.  

Tests will be conducted in the residential area of Sea Vista next week, from 18 to 20 March, and in Cape St Francis the following week, from 25 to 27 March. Tests will then be conducted at the Sea Vista industrial area from 27 to 29 March.

“Residents will most likely experience a disruption of the water supply on the first or second day, but we recommend that they also prepare for possible interruptions on the third day.”   

He said the teams would be easily identifiable as they will be wearing brightly coloured safety vests and carrying ID cards.

“They will also be making use of branded vehicles and will have a letter signed by Kouga Municipality, indicating the activities to be undertaken.

“We ask that residents be patient during the execution of these activities in order to help us reduce water losses and ensure ongoing reliable service delivery to all residents.”

Media Release Kouga Municipality

Standing up for Kouga’s disabled

Eight Kouga residents benefit from Wheelchair Wednesday campaign. 

Eight Kouga residents are the proud new owners of their own set of wheels thanks to the Wheelchair Wednesday campaign. 

Ursula Jonkers thanks Mayor Horatio Hendricks. Looking on are Portfolio Councillor Freddy Campher and Ward Committee member Xolisa Ntozini.

Mayor Horatio Hendricks and his team last week delivered eight new wheelchairs to the residents, among them two double amputees and three women who could not leave their homes for years because of their lack of mobility. 

“It’s been an absolute joy to deliver the wheelchairs to the respective families and we trust that it will open new opportunities for each of the beneficiaries,” said Hendricks. 

“As a Council, we are on course to take our communities where they want to go, and we want everyone to be able to move forward together. We’re not leaving anyone behind.” 

Mita Leander, whose husband Wentzel was among the beneficiaries, said it was a great day for them. 

“We are so grateful that the Mayor and the councillors saw our need and went the extra mile to help us,” she said. 

Ursula Jonkers, a double amputee renowned for being out and about in the community, was also delighted to receive a chair of her own to replace the rickety loaner she had been using. 

All smiles, she even challenged the Mayor to a wheelchair race, confident that she would triumph. 

Hendricks said the wheelchairs were a donation from the Association for the Physically Disabled (APD) Nelson Mandela Bay following Kouga’s participation in the 2018 Wheelchair Wednesday campaign. 

“The campaign was an eye-opener and gave us a taste of how difficult it is for disabled persons to access things and places most of us take for granted. We are more determined than ever to do all we can to make the whole of Kouga, including our municipal buildings, more accessible to everyone.” 

He said two ramps at the municipality’s headquarters in Jeffreys Bay had already been adjusted to make it easier for wheelchair-users to negotiate. 

Karel and Ansie Herselman were overjoyed to receive a wheelchair and visit from Mayor Horatio Hendricks.

Media Release Kouga Municipality