A water saving gadget 

Saving water has to be uppermost in our minds right now for hardly a day goes by that we are not reminded situation we are faced with as our dams slowly dry up. That government has turned its back on us means it is up to each and every one of us to apply every water saving method we can think of. we all have read ways to save water so we should be following them but even so maybe we are still using too much of the precious liquid.

Some month ago Mike Williams (see below) vited me and showed me some handy and inexpensive fittings that can be installed at extremely low cost to help save a lot more than y can imagine. We did mention it in a previous post but Mike says it seems nobody has shown even the slightest interest by even giving him a call. So if you are truly concerned with saving water maybe it is time to see what Mike has to offer. 

Well yesterday we saw a post on WhatsApp by Jo Brown (of TrolleyDolly) singing Mike’s praises so we thaught is a good idea to publish on SFT.

“There is a lovely gentleman called Mike Williams (husband of Ingrid Williams at hospice) who has been round to my house and put some clever little gadget inside my taps and toilet to reduce water flow but not the pressure. For example my washbasin used 8L per minute and is now 1.4L per minute. My kitchen sink is down from 16L to 6L per minute but still with really good pressure. Don’t know how It works but it literally took half and hour and is very affordable – R100 per tap/shower head and R150 per toilet. His number is 082 804 2996

Thanks for the reminder Jo!


Kouga To Run Out Of Water Soon

Kouga Municipality - logo

Kouga Dam

Kouga will be without water within the next four to five months should no significant rain fall in the catchment area very soon – especially with only nine weeks of water left for the Gamtoos Valley. Photo: Petrus Vermaak

KOUGA will be without water within the next four to five months should no significant rain fall in the catchment area very soon – especially with only nine weeks of water left for the Gamtoos Valley.

The combined levels of the dams that supply water to the region totalled 11.41% on May 24 as per the latest information from Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The two biggest dams, Kouag and Impofu, stood at 4.25% and 15.07% respectively. The Churchill Dam was at 23.76%, and the small Loerie balancing at 37.56%.

In a bid to prolong Day Zero, when taps could run dry, Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, urged all residents and businesses to use water only when absolutely necessary and to erect rainwater tanks where possible, as well as to adhere to the strict water restrictions that are in place.

“With Thornhill already receiving water from municipal water trucks, the towns of Hankey and Patensie have been hit the second hardest as they depend completely on the Kouga Dam for potable water,” said Hendricks. “The level of the dam dropped to just over 4% this week – with Day Zero predicted for end of July this year.”

“Even though residents from Patensie will still be able to extract water from the Wolwekloof Dam (balancing dam) and two viable boreholes once the Kouga Dam has run dry, Hankey residents will only have access to borehole water that supplies in 40% of the current daily water consumption.

“The salinity of the borehole water is quite high, and residents are advised not to drink the water.

“The municipality is in the process of erecting five 5 000l designated water points in Hankey to ensure residents have access to clean drinking water. It is, furthermore, hoped to drill and connect more viable boreholes once funding has been secured.”

According to Hendricks, the Churchill Dam and Impofu dam, that supplies water to Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp and St Francis Bay, are expected to be without water at the end of August and October, respectively.

“While residents from Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp will have access to existing borehole water, the above average water consumption of residents in St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis is of great concern,” he said.

“If the water usage in these two areas is not reduced significantly by the end of July, the municipality will be forced to consider water rationing. We will give residents more detail as we closely monitor the water consumption over the next few weeks.”

Hendricks said the municipality is investigating the possibility of augmenting water supply from The Links, Eskom, Rebelsrus and the harbour.

Other additional viable boreholes across the region will also be connected to the various water treatment works, while exploratory boreholes will be drilled in Loerie and Thornhill and connected to the system where viable.

As part of the municipality’s efforts to manage water usage, municipal taps are turned off at public open spaces and stringent measures have been put in place to ensure that the restricted allocation of water – 50l per person per day – is adhered to. The municipality is also working with law enforcement to enforce compliance.

Residents are remined that the current water restrictions prohibit the connection of a hose pipe or an irrigation system to taps supplying water from the municipal system.

Pools may not be filled or topped up, and the washing of paved areas, roofs and walls with municipal water are also not allowed.

“Every one of us has a role to play in preventing Kouga’s taps from running dry – we must do all we can to save water,” said Hendricks. “We can only save water while there is still water to be saved.”

Report Water Leaks

Report water leaks at Kouga Municipality’s Call Centre at 042 200 200 (option 5) during office hours or at 042 291 0250 after hours.

Water leaks can also be reported through Kouga’s Link App.

The Link App is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded at https://download.linkapp.co.za/#dl, from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Upon registration the App will request permission to access your location – this is important, be sure to accept.

To link to your ward, click on “+ and Add Channels”. Select the blue municipal ward icon, allow the app to geo-locate you and link to your ward as displayed.

Covid on the increase in Kouga

Kouga Municipality - logo

THERE has been an increase in the number of active COVID-19 cases in the Kouga region.
Active Covid-19 cases totalled 49 on May 23, according to the latest report from the Department of Health. On May 19, there was 24 active COVID-19 case in the region. Some 127 residents have died  since the onset of the pandemic
The breakdown per town, as at May 23, was as follows: Jeffreys Bay 19, St Francis 15, Thornhill 6, Patensie 4, Humansdorp 4, Loerie 1, Oyster Bay 0, and Hankey 0.
The hot spot areas are St Francis Bay (14), Arcadia (2), Aston Bay (3), C-Place (1), Humansdorp Town (1), Jeffreys Bay Central (12), KwaNomzamo (1), Loerie (1), Ocean View (1) Patensie (4), Sea Vista (1), Thornhill (6), and Wavecrest 2).
The cumulative total stood at 5 503, including, 5 327 recoveries.
Report taken from Kouga Municipal Facebook page
Kouga Covid stats 23-05

St Francis Port Property at a Premium

Port Proving Popular

There is little doubt that the Covid Pandemic has caused many to rethink their lifestyle and with “work from home’ finding acceptability with many corporates it is likely that some will move from the cities to smaller towns around South  Africa. So is St Francis about to see an influx of “work=from-home-settlers’ move to our part of the continent.

Maybe an indicator could be that Pam Golding St Francis has amongst its other sales, sold several Port St Francis properties to the value of R15m in the last two months!

To put this in context, this is approximately equal to the entire Port property turnover per annum for the years 2010 to 2014.

And now the Port has recorded sales in excess of R50m in the last 12 months!

“The sales by the energetic and passionate Pam Golding Santareme team of Johan Viljoen and Kyle de Villers include two commercial buildings, one townhouse and one apartment, and were important because they introduce new trends: ” says Richard Arderne of Pam Golding St Francis. 

“The sale of the Port Island townhouse at R8.5m was the highest price ever paid in the Port, 40% higher than the previous record. Of importance is that this value was confirmed by two external bond valuers. This also brings property prices close to R20,000/m2, and we believe that this should move to R25,000/m2 in the near future. It is also our view that this high-end townhouse was inexpensive, and should soon appreciate by at least 40%, as it offers unique and unprecedented value, not only in St Francis but also in SA and elsewhere:

The Port is the only private port in SA. It offers secure living for those who want to feel connected to harbour activities, where the heart of the chokka industry is located. Top restaurants, fishing and ocean activities, swimming, paddling, running and cycling are just some of the nearby activities.

Our team has sold three units in Port Island in the last 9 months, where unmatched and permanent views of the ocean and the Port are offered. It is our view that these units will soon be revalued and became even more sought after. They feature double security and an exclusive lifestyle at its best where all types of weather add to the flavour.

  • The price fetched for the Port Island townhouse also indicates that the market is rethinking the value that the Santareme area offers. It shattered the previous upper ceiling in Santareme by 20%. Santareme offers outstanding value at the upper end of the market and deserves this worthwhile breakthrough.

Furthermore, there are some interesting new Santareme developments planned for the near future:

  • 36 new luxury Port apartments will be developed, as well as about 60 apartments for clients who need medical assistance. This will introduce fresh new options in this tourist rich and promising precinct.

Drive through Santareme and you will find that many plots have been cleared and that residents are busy improving their homes or building new ones. This creates a feeling of expectation and anticipation for a promising future.

The municipality is also busy upgrading roads and infrastructure all over the town and Santareme has been a beneficiary of these actions as well, and we trust will continue to be!

Here are a few examples of outstanding value we are currently offering are on sole mandates:

  • 66 Tom Brown with top class finishes at under R14,000/m2. This includes gym, mini tennis court, solar/water solutions and much more for the ultra-private. 1100m2 of luxury for a mere R15m.
  • 76 Tom Brown offers the same value but on an extensive plot of 3540m2. This warm family home is an ample 639m2, plus a separate flat of 169m2, all at a discounted price of R12m.

Both properties offer north facing views of unprecedented nature. During the lockdown, new lifestyle choices introduced themselves in these areas where residents could swim and paddle in privacy without feeling threatened by the impact of covid. Both houses offer work from home facilities, where owners can work remotely in luxury and privacy.

North facing sea views

Santareme is one of the few places where one can find North Facing Sea Views.

To further illustrate the commitment of our team to Santareme, Johan recently bought a Port apartment for R2.3m, and Richard bought a front row house last year for R5.9m.”

Its fire season and FOSTER is hard at work protecting St Francis

Friends of St Francis Nature Reserves

Firebreak on St Francis Nature ReservesFOSTER is busy with another project to establish fire access trails and turning circles for firefighting in the Cape St Francis reserve (the reserve between Cape St Francis and the port.) Firebreaks will be cut next week. Thanks to our supporters, FOSTER has taken steps to ensure the safety of the greater St Francis area and to care for biodiversity, work that should have been done by governmental bodies like Dept of Environmental Affairs, EC Parks, and Kouga Municipality. 

A 15km network of trails has been created and is constantly being maintained and upgraded. A map (with GPS co-ordinates!) has been created to allow people to enjoy the beauty of nature on foot or cycle. We raised R40 000 ( also from a dedicated fund) for informative signage along the paths.


Become a member at www.foster.org.za/membership.htm and encourage other residents, property owners and fans of the greater St Francis area to do the same.

Make a donation  or sweet talk your rich and famous relatives into doing the same. We are totally dependent on membership and donations for our very existence and are hugely grateful to those who continue to support us. We are a Public Benefit Organisation and donations are tax deductible.

Join a hack group…we organise these from time to time to do clean-ups along the coast or for other once-off tasks.



JOINFOSTER TODAY – it costs but R200 per person or R300 for the whole family for a year and really helps these dedicated servants who look after our nature.