New Outfits for Preferred Kouga Car Guards

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THE multicoloured, the blue . . . the preferred car guard.

In a renewed bid to clamp down on illegal car guards operating in Kouga – especially at the main beachfront and Central Business District (CBD) in Jeffreys Bay – Kouga Municipality equipped several preferred car guards with light blue outfits. 

Kouga Car Guards

Sporting their new outfits are preferred Kouga car guards (from left) Neville Peterson (a car guard for 20 years), Johnny Skosana (six years), Sydney Barends (19 years) and Elvis Nqabisa (15 years). They are joined by Kouga Municipality Law Enforcement Officer, Johnny Hayward.

The first four car guards received their brand-new outfits last week, while more will receive their outfits later this month. 

Community Services Portfolio Councillor, Daniel Benson, said a total of 20 car guards will receive new uniforms. “All the preferred car guards will be wearing identical and easily identifiable uniforms.”

The new uniform consists of a light blue jacket, with two orange reflector lines in the middle and at the bottom. Each car guard’s name and photo appear on his jacket. 

They, furthermore, received a blue T-shirt and mask – also sporting their name and photo. 

“This is in order to minimise the risk of other unpreferred car guards using the specific uniform,” said Benson. “We cannot afford having everyone calling themselves ‘car guards’ and having easy access to people’s vehicles and other valuables.”

The new uniform was sponsored by local businesses.

Benson encouraged motorists to make use of the preferred car guards to avoid risk of disappointment and loss. 

“Let us support those who are making an effort to be presentable, polite and properly qualified to look after vehicles, so that we can eliminate those who tend to me more of a nuisance than helpful,” he said. 

“While the preferred car guards will continue operating independently and are not officially employed by the municipality, there will be better coordination and they will be monitored closely to ensure they are sober and presentable. If any of them step out of line, they know they will lose their uniforms immediately.”

According to Benson, this is not a strategy to prevent people from making an income – it is about the safety of motorists and their belongings.


New water restrictions in Kouga as from Monday

Owing to the significant fall in the dam levels supplying Kouga authorities have no option but to introduce new water restrictions in the Kouga region as from Monday 5th April. Levels are certain to fall further during the long weekend owing to increased usage by holiday makers..

Unfortunately the 50 litre per day limit is being ignored by many and there exists a reality that water supply will run out before the spring rains. Some rain is expected this weekend but it seems unlikely  that there will be substantial falls in the catchment areas.

The new restrictions will unfortunately require that water supply will be restricted during certain hours of the day in much the same way as Load Shedding. Water  will be made available between 05:00 to 08:00 in the morning and then again from 16:00 until 20:00 but all water supply will be suspended between the hours of 22:00 in the evening until 05:00 the next morning.

In addition each of the towns of Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp and St Francis Bay (including Cape St Francis) will be subjected to Water Shedding as per the schedule below. Hankey & Patensie are excluded.


Willem van Kraan of the water authority apologized for the inconvenience the suspension will cause but stated it is simply unavoidable as there has been little effort by residents to save water in spite of many pleas by the Mayor.  He did say however that should residents start showing commitment to saving water and making a real effort, Water Shedding could be lifted sooner rather than later.

A light at the end of the tunnel is that should the proposed Nooitgedacht Scheme, bringing water from the Gariep Dam be completed as scheduled later this year would alleviate the pressure on Nelson Mandela Bay water requirements. Itt is imposrtant to note that St Francis receives its water feom Impofu which is presently at a level of just

Click here for more information

So it is after midday and so we reveal that yes this was an April Fool’s story. If it caught you  click on the link just above this sentence.

The purpose of the story was intended to highlight the dire need to save water not only in St Francis but indeed the entire Kouga and NMB affected by the falling dam levels

Kouga Dam Levels


Great Sports at Kouga Easter Festival

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IS it a bird? Is it a plane?


Kouga Easter Carnival.

It is the Easter Bunny with his superhero squad: Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Elsa, and Anna. And they are all geared up to keep residents and holidaymakers entertained at the first Kouga Easter Festival this weekend.

The fun-filled carnival will kick-off on Thursday, April 1 and come to a close on Monday, April 5 – with the bulk of the action taking place at Dolphin Beach in Jeffreys Bay.

“The programme includes the action-packed Je’Vista One Touch Rugby Tournament – one of the biggest highlights on the sports calendar,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks. “The tournament will see 20 teams of eight players each taking to the field – or rather beach.”

The tournament will take place on both Friday and Saturday.

“Soccer fans are also in for a treat, with the JBay Easter Soccer Tournament taking place at the Tokyo Sexwale Sports Stadium, Pellsrus Sports Field and Jeffreys bay Comprehensive High School,” said Hendricks.

“An open water swim competition, the Marina Mile, will be added to the sports mix at Marina Martinique on Saturday, April 3.”

Registration is at 08:00, followed by the Double Mile (two laps) at 09:00 – kicking off the swimming event.

The Half Mile will take to the water at 10:30, while the Bank-to-Bank Race will splash off at 11:00. There is also a Bank-to-Bank swim for boys and girls under 6 at 11:15, and a Bank-to-Bank swim for boys and girls under 8 at 11:20. A Bank-to-Bank swim for children under 10 will take place at 11:30.

Also on the swimming programme is the Marina Mile for men at 12:00 and the Marina Mile for ladies at 12:10.

According to Hendricks, there will be a feast of children’s activities for the duration of the carnival, which young ones will be able to enjoy for free on the Saturday.

Children can build their own sandcastle or paint an easter egg. They can furthermore enjoy a magician and puppet show, show their strength at a tug of war competition COVID-19 style or hunt for delicious easter eggs and hidden treasures.

They must make sure not to miss the Easter Bunny or his superhero friends Superman, Spiderman, and Iron Man. Elsa and Anna from Frozen will also be at the carnival.  

Competitions for young and old include an ice-cream eating competition, a big boep competition and a junior comedian competition, as well as a hula-hoop competition.

Also on the competition line-up are the mother & daughter look-alike competition, the best hat of the day competition and a talent contest.

There will also be various food stalls.

The festival will end with a special beach church service on the Monday.

“Due to COVID-19, no spectators will be allowed at any of the sporting events,” said Hendricks.

“Kouga Municipality Disaster Volunteers will also be on duty to ensure that festival-goers adhere to COVID-19 regulations for the duration of the carnival. Further COVID-19 regulations that will be in place, include free masks, free sanitiser, contact free entertainment, social distancing markers and COVID-19 posters.”


Slight Increase in Local Active Covid-19 Cases

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There has been a slight increase in the number of active COVID-19 cases in the Kouga region.

Active Covid-19 cases totalled 11 on March 30, according to the latest report from the Department of Health. This is an increase of three active cases since March 27.

Some 126 residents have died.

The breakdown per town, as at March 30, was as follows: Jeffreys Bay 6, St Francis 3, Humansdorp 1, Thornhill (1), Patensie 0, Oyster Bay 0, Hankey 0 and Loerie 0.

The hotspot areas are Jeffreys Bay Central (6), St Francis Bay (3), Humansdorp Town (1) and Thornhill (1).

The cumulative total stood at 5 408, including, 5 271 recoveries.



Nonsensical and counter productive

Collo’s Column

The ban on liquor off-sales over the Easter weekend has nothing to do with preventing Covid infections, it is all about control. The ANC has lost control and has to do something to show that they are still in charge. They had to give in to the religious groups call for allowing bigger crowds at religious services so they had to show they still have muscle and what better way than to ban alcohol sales.

One would consider those on the Coronavirus Command Council (CCC) to all be reasonably intelligent beings. Surely they all have at least a matric so should have a modicum of common sense . Now we know the common sense cannot be taught, it is part of evolution so maybe herein lies the problem, or maybe not. So if they are reasonably intelligent why have they made such a nonsensical decision to ban liquor off-sales. This is how conspiracy theories start and gives credence to claims that the Black Marketeers are funding the election kittt.

Think about the stupidity of the liquor sales ban for a moment.

One of the main purposes of the various lockdown over the past year has been to avoid or reduce size of gatherings of people. From the very start when people were basically allowed contact with direct family that saw the hospitality and many other industries close to the present where, well in the cases of churches, there is almost no concerns of crowds it seems.

Surely having bottle stores open is not going to see more people in shopping centres. Having access to liquor is not going to see people drink less and surely encouraging them to drink at home is better than encouraging them to go to restaurants and most of all drive. . Those who can will have stocked up but those, especially the lowly paid will “maak a plan” and so the black market thrives.

So banning off-sales is actually counterproductive if you think about it.

Sunday lunch when the family gather to enjoy a few neers around the braai fnd they have no beer so dad loads the family into the car and they set off for the nearest restaurant.   Jannie feels like he wiill need a couple of brandy and cokes when he watches Bulls play the Lions but he forgot to buy on Thursday so off he goes to the nearest sports bar so he can watch the game.   In the township Freddie couldn’t get to the bottle store on Friday so he leaves his family and pops into the local tavern or shebeen for his fix.

Is the government not thus encouraging crowding rather than reducing it. Great for the reastaurants, pubs, taverns, shebeens and of course the black market but doing exactly the opposite to what they should be encouraging.

Congratulations to the  members of the CCC, may your piggy bank overflow.