Pam Golding Canals Winter Doubles Challenge

by Richard Arderne


Hello Paddlers!

As you might know, the Pam Golding Canals Winter Doubles Challenge is next Sunday!

Here are a few things you should know:

* Prizes are only for doubles but singles are very welcome 👍

* Start is 11am. Registration from 10am. Race briefing at 10.45am.

* Please help the registration team by entering online as soon as possible at

* Race numbers must be stuck on the left front.

* There is one start at the usual TT spot, with 20km paddlers in front and 10km paddlers behind. Faster paddlers as usual further forward.

* The route is the usual TT route. Two laps for 10km and four four for 20km.

* Huge thanks to Carbonology for once again (as they have done for so many years) provided a lucky draw Carbonology carbon split paddle, valued at R3500.

* Tide will be mid-tide, coming in.

* Life jackets are not compulsory

* Thanks in advance once again to Charlie, Jen, Mandy, Magda, Marie, Anita, Gail, (I’m sure a few more who we can thank next Sunday) And Capt Pete for the briefing



1st boat: R2500
2nd boat: R1000
3rd boat: R500

1st ladies boat: R1250
1st mixed boat: R250
1st 65 and over*: R250
1st under 18: R500

* as per CSA, you must turn at least 65 in 2023 😳

Bottle of Pam Golding Red Wine for both paddlers:
1st place ladies, men, mixed, 65 and over
(8 bottles)


1st under 18: R250

Bottle of Pam Golding Red Wine for both paddlers:
1st place ladies, men, mixed, over 60
(8 bottles)

Lucky Draw:
Carbonology Paddle, valued at R3500

Some of my comments after last year’s race:

In my opinion it was another fun and successful event, thanks largely to all our wonderful volunteers 🙏🏻

And so good to have a strong field, with four world class doubles …but nice to have our locals Phil and Ricky being the strongest of the strong! (sorry AC!)

Next year I would like us to try to persuade more of our regular 5km paddlers to take the opportunity to try 10km (in a single or a double)

And besides the great weather and fine red wine prizes, and lucky draw Carbonology paddle (won by Ricky) .. the race was especially pleasant with Flash Gordon in the front half of my boat, ruined a bit by Pete King and Shaun Frayne pipping us by a meter at the end, especially after we pulled the bunch WAY more than them. In fact they kept falling off the bunch, then ousted the poor ladies double 😂

Man Isn’t “Wired” For Retirement.

Man Isn’t “Wired” For Retirement.

Nowhere in the bible is the word or concept of retirement mentioned. The first recorded use of a state pension was in 13 BC by Augustus Caesar for military veterans who had served at least 16 years in a legion and 4 years in the reserves. This was later increased to 20 years in a legion and 5 years in the reserves.


Apart from this instance, retirement was a foreign concept, and normal people worked until they died. This changed in1881 when Otto von Bismarck, the conservative minister president of Prussia, presented a radical idea to the Reichstag: government-run financial support for older members of society. His idea was ratified 8 years later and provided for citizens over 70.


In the USA, the Social Security Act was passed in 1935, and the official retirement age was 65. Life expectancy for American men was around 58 at the time.

Retirement is a man-made concept and was never meant to cater for living decades after stopping work, as is now common. The obvious issue around this is the finance needed to support the ever-growing generations of non-income earning citizens.


As mentioned, finance in retirement is an obvious concern that needs to be provided for, but what is often not considered is the human element of this transition. We work our whole careers, getting more skilled, experienced, and wiser, and then one day, after a specific birthday, we get tossed out. Consider all the knowledge and human capital that is lost. Consider even more the change one must deal with when this transition is forced upon us.                                     

For many, our work represents or defines who we are; it gives us purpose. It is unsurprising that the biggest challenge retirees face is finding their purpose in retirement. 

At Client Care, we understand that retirement requires rewirement, which does not happen by chance or overnight. This new phase of life is a goal from the day we start work, we often have 40 years to prepare for it, yet most of us only consider the financial aspect of this transition and neglect the human side.


Addressing the human side of retirement is vital if we want to live our best lives. The only way this can be done is with specific planning around creating this future life. Yes, we need the funds to live the way we want, but all the money in the world can’t guarantee a successful and happy retirement.

We help you find purpose for your money and your life.

Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Planner

t. 083 261 9287


web. Client Care Lifestyle Financial Planning

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Rotary Club of St Francis Inducts President for 2023-24

St Francis Rotarians welcomed Lindsay Pearson as Club President for the 2023-24 Rotary year. Outgoing President Brian Codling handed over to President Lindsay the annual Induction dinner St Francis Links on 6th July 20-23.

“We are looking forward to a dynamic year under the leadership of this highly experienced Rotarian,” said outgoing President Codling.

After retiring as Principal of Grey Junior School, Lindsay transferred his membership from Rotary Club of Algoa Bay when he and his wife Noelle came to live in St Francis Bay in July 2021.

In 1988 he was a member of a Group Study Exchange team which travelled to Boston/Massachusetts, USA. This proved to be an incredible experience for him, he jumped at the opportunity of joining the Rotary Club of Graaff Reinet in 1995. When he moved to Port Elizabeth in 2002 he was invited to join the Rotary Club of Algoa Bay and served as President of that Club in 2008/2009, receiving a Paul Harris Fellow in 2005. In 2013 he led a GSE team to California and has since served on various committees, mostly Youth and International Affairs.

Kouga Municipality proudly supports JBay Surf Alliance 

Fostering love for the Ocean and environmental education

Jeffreys Bay – Kouga Municipality is thrilled to announce its partnership with JBay Surf Alliance, a collaboration aimed at fostering a keen love for the ocean and providing ongoing environmental education to local youth to help keep Kouga clean. 

“Surfing has long been recognised as a catalyst for nurturing our souls and instilling a deep sense of responsibility towards our oceans,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman.

“JBay Surf Alliance brings together like-minded individuals, who are committed to protecting and caring for our coastal environment, along with empowering our youth through after-school surf therapy programmes. The success of any conservation effort greatly relies on the support and involvement of the community. 

“Together, we can effect sustainable change through protection, conservation, and education.”

In an exciting development, JBay Surf Alliance, in conjunction with the World Surfing League’s (WSL) One Ocean initiative, provided a unique opportunity for local youth to interact with professional surfers during their visit to compete in the Corona Open J-Bay this week (11 July 2023). 

Esteemed surfers such as Matt McGillivray (the only local to compete in the Corona Open J-Bay), Jordy Smith, Carissa Moore, John Florence, Griffin Colapinto, Crosby Colapinto, Adin Masencamp, Lakey Peterson, Stephanie Gilmore, Liam O’Brien, and Frank Solomon, who passionately support the WSL One Ocean initiative, graciously dedicated their time and expertise to this remarkable project. 

The event commenced with a delightful morning gathering, complete with biscuits and hot chocolate, and quickly transformed into a large group of enthusiastic youth engaging in mindfulness exercises, learning about oxygen, participating in a beach clean-up, and receiving first-hand assistance from the pro surfers. 

“As a partner, Kouga Municipality is proud to be associated with this project and is committed to continuously educating our community to reduce the environmental impact of plastic and waste materials,” said Hattingh.  

“This collaboration exemplifies the municipality’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for all.”

To encourage broader participation, residents and business owners are invited to join WSL’s “Speak Up for the Ocean” campaign. 

This innovative initiative urges fans worldwide to share their stories and sustainable initiatives on social media using the hashtag #WSLOneOcean. With its influential platform, the World Surfing League (WSL) aims to amplify the voices of individuals who are actively taking steps to protect our precious ocean and inspire others to join the cause. The goal is to foster a global community united in safeguarding our one ocean.

The municipality extend their gratitude to JBay Surf Alliance, the World Surfing League, the One Ocean initiative, and the incredible professional surfers for their commitment to preserving our oceans and creating environmental awareness. Together, we can make a substantial difference.