Author Susan Rae Fox with much loved Yorkie, Henry

Susan Rae Fox so very well known for her dedication to the welfare of  the cats and dogs of Sea Vista as Chair of St Francis Animal Rescue, has found time in her busy schedule to write and launch her fourth book, ‘Where the Truth Lies’.

Those who have read Sue’s previous novels will welcome her new novel and those who have not will certainly have a chance to catch up on some good reading and become a fan.

Sue started her career in magazine journalism and during this three-year period wrote many short stories syndicated to popular women’s UK magazines.  Joining a large, successful  Durban advertising agency, Paton, Tupper Associates as a copywriter, Sue rose through the ranks during her twenty nine years with the company to Creative Director and ultimately Managing Director.

Sue retired to St Francis Bay with husband Ron some ten years ago with a firm commitment to pursue her long held dream of writing a novel. She has now achieved that dream for a fourth time with ‘Where the Truth Lies’ being her fourth novel.

Susan’s previous works include

The St Jude Chronicles 1 ‘Beneath the Surface’ and ‘The St Jude Chronicles 2 ‘Going Under’ both published in the UK by the London-based publisher: Austin & Macauley . Her third novels ‘Unravelling’ was published in 2014  by Porcupine Press and her latest  ‘Where the Truth Lies’ published by Cape Town publisher Quickfox Publishing.

Short Synopsis of  ‘Where the Truth Lies’

After a decade in England, William, his daughter Plum and her aunt, Frith, return to South Africa to settle in Paarl. All of them are grieving after the untimely death of Lily, William’s wife, Plum;s mother and Frith’s identical twin sister.

William throws himself into restoring North Wind Manor, an Edwardian house, decaying after years of neglect. Frith, unable to come to terms with being a ‘twinless twin’, struggles to keep her promise to Lily, to devote herself to William and Plum in their new lives in South Africa. Plum – eleven years old – lives in her imagination which runs riot when she discovers the diary Charlotte Butler, documenting her tragic life as the wife of a Captain of the British Imperial Yeomanry.

As her aunt and father spiral slowly out of control, Plum is reeled into an obsession with the diary’s author, whom she believes is a spirit inhabiting the manor.

‘Where the Truth Lies’ interweaves between past and present to explore the twisted dynamics of a family brought closer by sorrow, regret, mortality and an understanding that the truth is not always simple.

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