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We’re Back

After a quick two-week break that felt like two days, St Francis Today is back online. 

We have listened to loads of advice and input over the last two weeks. Thanks to all those who reached out and gave us your thoughts. 

There are some slight changes to St Francis Today that you will start noting over the next few days and weeks. 

Firstly, everyone is asking for more local content, so there will be more local content going forward. If any reader has local content or any sports organisation has upcoming events or event results, please feel free to send us a mail with details. If anyone has something else that is local that they would like covered, a quick heads-up mail would be appreciated.

Secondly, people are asking for less of the depressing kind of news, and this we couldn’t agree on more. The Zuma, Gupta and Magashule headlines get the most clicks, but that is not really the point, is it? If people are online and want to find out how our country is doing, they know where to find out. So St Francis Today will cut back on the news about corruption, national crime and ugly politics. We will also cut back on the news about how terribly Eskom is doing because we all know how to find out about load shedding. (Clue: eskomsepush app on your phone). 

Thirdly, more good news, please. We’re into this school of thought as well. There is much to celebrate in our village, and there is much positivity happening each day. St Francis College is rocking. The new issue of The West Wind is live, the Appeal Against Authorisation For Our Long-Term Coastal Protection Scheme has been dismissed, we have a new King and Queen Of The Kromme, and our local surfers are winning events. It’s all happening out there. 

This is what we wish to report to the village. So once again, if you have anything that you would like to see published or tell us all about, feel free to contact us. Use email, Messenger, Whatsapp, Insta DM, Twitter, SMS or any other line of communication. You could even phone.   

We’re also going to be publishing less frequently. Some of the feedback was that there was too much communication, too much information, and too much news. So we will be publishing fewer newsletters, but hopefully with better content.

The Editor