We are proud to formally announce the “Shoot for Success, Frame Your Future, Live Your Best Life” photography competition presented by Client Care.

It is a monthly competition, with an R1k winner-take-all prize for the best photo of the month, as judged by St Francis Today and Client Care, along with consulting some of our top professional photographer friends. 

This contest is for locals and visitors to enter their best ‘nature or wildlife photos’ for possible consideration for the competition.

Nature and wildlife encompass many things, and it must be stressed that it includes things like surfing, running, paddling, fishing, hanging on the beach and all the activities we get up to in St Francis Bay because it is all part of nature, and we are in nature while doing it. 

“Our exciting photo competition, “Shoot for Success: Frame Your Future, Live Your Best Life,” celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty of St. Francis and its abundant natural wonders. This picturesque location offers a treasure trove of opportunities to capture breathtaking moments in nature, from stunning landscapes to captivating wildlife. Just as a camera lens focuses on intricate details, we encourage you to focus on your financial goals and dreams. Together, let’s explore the captivating synergy between the stunning sights of St. Francis and the fulfilling journey towards your best life.” – The team at Client Care St Francis Bay.

For more on the admission and entry requirements, check out the release from yesterday’s news right HERE.


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