All the winners over the years from the professional surfing events in JBay.


Apart from all the international professionals winning points and prize money, we also have a fair share of locals who won the contest as a WQS or PST event, apart from Jordy Smith, who has two Championship Tour event victories.

Jordy Smith Photo by Beatriz Ryder/World Surf League)

Grant Myrdal was the local surfer who kicked it off in 1987, followed by Mike Burness and Justin Strong. Pierre Tostee in 1991, followed by Seth Hulley in 1992, who continued the local force. In 1994 Justin Strong took his second win, and Hulley took his second victory at Pepper Street the following year. Then it was the turn of Jevon le Roux, and his win was in 1997.

After that, the tournament went to a full Championship Tour status for several years until a global economic meltdown around 2013. The contest was downgraded to a local South African domestic tour PST – event and won by Greg Emslie.

Here is the list of male winners throughout the years.

1981 Shaun Tomson (SA) Beach Hotel Classic
1982 Greg Day (Aus) Country Feeling Surf Classic
1983 David Barr (USA) Country Feeling Surf Classic
1984 Mark Occhilupo (Aus) Country Feeling Surf Classic
1985 No event
1986 No event
1987 Grant Myrdal (SA) Billabong/Country Feeling Surf Classic
1988 Mike Burness (SA) Billabong/Country Feeling Surf Classic
1989 Justin Strong (SA) Billabong/Country Feeling Surf Classic
1990 Marcus Brabant (Aus) Billabong/Country Feeling Surf Classic
1991 Pierre Tostee (SA) Billabong/Country Feeling Surf Classic
1992 Seth Hulley (SA) Billabong/Country Feeling Surf Classic
1993 Munga Barry (Aus) Billabong/Country Feeling Classic
1994 Justin Strong (SA) Billabong/Country Feeling Surf Classic (WQS)
1995 Seth Hulley (SA) Billabong/Country Feeling Classic (WQS)
1996 Kelly Slater (USA) CSI / Billabong Pro (WCT)
1997 Jevon Le Roux (SA) Billabong/Country Feeling Classic (WQS)

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Corona Open J-Bay

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…1998 Michael Barry (Aus) (WCT)
1999 Joel Parkinson (Aus)(WCT)
2000 Jake Paterson (Aus) (WCT)
2001 Jake Paterson(Aus) (WCT)
2002 Mick Fanning (Aus) (WCT)
2003 Kelly Slater (USA) (WCT)
2004 Andy Irons (Haw) (WCT)
2005 Kelly Slater (USA) (WCT)
2006 Mick Fanning (Aus) (WCT)
2007 Taj Burrow (Aus) (WCT)
2008 Kelly Slater (USA) (WCT)
2009 Joel Parkinson (Aus) (WCT)
2010Jordy Smith (SA) (WCT)
2011Jordy Smith (SA) (WCT)
2012 Adriano de Souza (BR) Billabong Pro (6-star WQS)
2013 Greg Emslie (SA) JBay Open (PST 5 Star)
2014 Mick Fanning (Aus) (CT)
2015 Shark (SA) (Wildlife)
2016 Mick Fanning (Aus) (CT)
2017 Filipe Toledo (BR) (CT)
2018 Filipe Toledo(BR) (CT)
2019 Gabriel Medina (BR) (CT)
2022 Ethan Ewing (Aus) (CT)