Finally, the time for the second FOSTER Jol since COVID arrived on Saturday 27 May, and what a Jol it was. Chris Costanza, Sasha and the rest of the band brought the house down with their incredible music showcasing our amazing local talent. The Cape St Francis Resort hosted the event for FOSTER and provided the Mexican-themed potjies eagerly devoured by the happy crowd taking a much-needed break from “jolling” or refuge from the somewhat cool evening. Zeppi’s photo booth again proved to be a hit and thanks to Flavi and Terri from Flavi’s and Seals Home for sponsoring some prizes.

Thank you to all the Jollers who came out and supported this now-annual important fundraiser for FOSTER who continue to maintain the 3 Reserves in the Cape St Francis area as well as the Cape St Francis Reserve which borders Santereme/St Francis Bay.

The reserves are in pristine condition and the Alien Removal Project has done wonders in restoring the natural biodiversity of our reserves. FOSTER’s vision is to conserve, maintain, protect, and provide access to the biodiversity of the FOSTER-managed Reserves, whilst promoting active stewardship of the environment through educational and collaborative activities of our members, tourists, the public and our stakeholders.

FOSTER’s primary role is to nurture (foster) and preserve the biodiversity in the Irma Booysen, Seal Point, Seal Bay and Cape St Francis Nature Reserves. Its secondary role is to ensure that the reserves can be enjoyed by the greater community and visitors through the maintenance of the walking trails and cycle paths that do not damage the sensitive dunes and vegetation found in the reserves. Should you wish to support FOSTER please join up or donate via the website at