With the Kromme river becoming busier by the day it is important that all using both the canals and the river abiide by all the rules and regulations to ensure St Francis has an incident and accident free summer season.

All boat users are asked to pay particular attention to the navigational buoys that have been placed as a GUIDANCE as to the channels. These buoys are intended as a guidance only and it is the responsibility of the skipper of all craft to establish for themselves a safe passage when navigating up and down the river.

A map of the ski zones is shown below and we encourage all boat owners to download and print a copy and keep it with you in your boat.

Some reminders

Rule of travel – when entering a waterway i.e. going upstream green (starboard) to your right with the reversal applying proceeding downstream i.e. port (red) to your right.

River Tides Community have accepted the responsibility for ‘patrol’ which is most appreciated.

Wayne Anderson is the ‘go to guy’ and will do some of the patrol work, Nicholaas Windvogel is the assigned patrol officer, an ex policeman who was attached to the SAPS waterwing in CT who obviously can only operate normal shift hours. Outside of this Wayne and or a delegated person from River Tides will be available to cover the needs of approximately the 0700 to 1900hrs desired available patrol. Back up will be either Naas Marais and or Ken McGregor.

Patrol craft will be in radio contact at all times and will on the same frequency as the canal patrol.

The Riparian patrol officers are responsible for the river section from the Cove to the Ski Canal.

Should you encounter any offending craft always try and get the identity markings on the craft but better a photograph of the offending vessel and report it to the canal office who have a full schedule and owner contact details of all registered craft.

Please note the following Emergency numbers are ONLY to be used in extreme emergency, drowning, accidents, etc. Emergency 24 hours is Kouga Municipality – manned by the Fire Department and are not to be used for reporting behavioral problems.

Emergencies 24 hours – 042 291 0250
NSRI – 042 294 0131
Doctor – 042 294 0719

Municipal Security issues
Adam Floors – 073 058 7949
David Visagie – 071 865 3122

Kromme River Patrol (day time numbers)
Wayne Anderson – 0827599040
Nicholas Windvogel (Patrol officer) – 073 871 9252
Naas Marais – 083 427 5356
Ken McGregor – 082 443 4448

St Francis Bay Canals
Canal patrol, Boat licencing and Moorings.
Daily 8am to 4pm from 6th December 2016 to 6th January 2017
Harbour Office – 063 696 4906

Fisheries representative
Warren Manser – 076 753 5768

In closing the Kromme Joint River Committee and the entire Kromme Community record a very special thank you to Naas Marais, assisted by Ken McGregor for the erection of new signage (still work in progress), the re positioning of the navigational buoys and to John Robson for his commitment to having had the buoys and their ‘anchors’ made and seeing to their initial placement.

Kromme River Map of Ski zones - St Francis

Download Map to print

Press Release – Norman Dyer – Chairman, Kromme Joint River Committee (edited)