5 Mind Blowing Benefits of CBD for Athletes

The cannabis boom has drawn interest from various sectors. As interest in the compound piles up across the globe, understanding the various application areas of the plant have also rapidly expanded to accommodate the true potential of it through proper commercialization.  

The latest sector taken over by CBD is the health and fitness industry. With expanding research to understand the nutritional capabilities of the cannabis compound, brands rushed to include this incredible ingredient in several edibles and drinks to benefit fitness enthusiasts. Popping up in health stores and supermarkets are a wide range of CBD infused products that promise endurance, fitness, and pain-free lifestyle to athletes.

What is CBD?

When we discuss cannabis, it is impossible to get past the discussion without bringing THC and CBD into perspective. These two are chemical constituents of the cannabis plant, known as cannabinoids, that provide several health benefits. These cannabinoids imitate the functions of chemicals in our body to regulate stimuli and bring balance. It influences common functions such as appetite, sleep, pain, inflammation, memory, and fertility to initiate good health and wellness.

The many capabilities of CBD can benefit athletes in several ways. Here are five in which CBD infusion can be a good thing for athletes.\

1.     The best ingredient for pain management

Pain is an irrevocable part of an athlete’s lifestyle. Whether it is the extra hours you pushed into training or the long fitness routines you follow to stay in shape, athletes often end up with severe cramps and pain in several parts of the body. Pain and inflammation can have a significant impact on everyday activities such as sleep, which in turn influences your performance. Lack of sleep could make you feel tired and unprepared for training the following day, lowering your morale. It could also divert your focus and reduce your concentration. Lingering pain can also have an impact on your mental health.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-analgesic effects of CBD can help athletes to get rid of pain and inflammation post-training. CBD interacts with the CB, TRPV1, and vanilloid receptors scattered around the body. These receptors form a crucial network that influences the stimuli of pain and inflammation. The compound reduces the sensitivity of the stimuli in the body, and thus the system becomes less sensitive to responding to a trigger. It not only reduces inflammation but also curbs the pain associated with it. Apart from directly reducing pain, the interaction also influences the perception of pain in users to ensure comfort.

CBD can thus become a powerful substitute to the existing range of opioid or steroid-based pain relief medications that can have severe side effects with long-term usage. The compound brings these benefits to athletes naturally without initiating side effects to ensure safety. CBD oil for massages can help in delivering these pain relief properties. For products such as CBD oil, Canada is a great region of choice to purchase, as the legalization allows premium quality oils to exist in the market that can bring the best benefits to athletes. CBD pain relief rollers, creams, balms, and topicals are also an efficient way of curbing pain and inflammation in areas such as joints and muscles. Ingesting CBD drinks or edibles can also help reduce muscle cramps and pain from within to restore a healthy balance in the system.

2.     A powerful aid for faster recovery

Training can be stressful on the body. Apart from pain, athletes may experience heavy discomfort due to fatigue and dehydration post-session. The time after your training is critical for your overall development.  To allow our muscles to recover, we need to offer the perfect balance of nutrition to the system. Your body requires several ingredients to sail through this time. Only through a thorough recovery can you see visible results in terms of strength and endurance.

CBD is a powerful ingredient that can guide you through a proper recovery period. Starting from healing muscle aches and pain, the ingredient can help athletes curb oxidative damage to improve their overall performance. Next, our body requires a protein boost that elevates the process of muscle building post-training. Hemp seeds are a rich source of protein, and the presence of extracts from these seeds ensures that the body gets a large profile of nutrients that helps you build better.

The healing benefits of the various nutrients present in CBD oil can boost metabolism to ensure your system recovers from injuries faster. It regulates various functions to ensure your body reaches a healthy balance faster than the normal pace. CBD infused protein powders and shakes can enable you to rehydrate immediately post-training. It can rejuvenate your cells with the right balance of nutrients to bring you back to your healthy self. CBD vape oils can help you get full-body relief post an intense training session to feel at ease. CBD oil or tinctures as an add on to your regular post-workout shake or juice can also be beneficial.

3.     Beneficial to regulating your immune system, diet, and nutrition

Improving your immunity is a critical aspect of staying healthy and fit. The benefits of your training are achievable only when you are in the best health. Your immune system should be capable of fighting foreign bodies that could cause your body to become weak and sick.  During the likes of winter, much of your energy goes into keeping you warm. Hence the assistance of ingredients such as CBD, rich in antioxidants, can elevate the functioning of the immune system and protect you from common infections.

CBD also plays an important role in dietary and nutrition management in athletes. The nutrition requirements for athletes varies from what is available in our regular diet. They require smaller meals, enriched with a large profile of nutrients good enough to complement their training to achieve the best benefits. These meals influence performance and endurance greatly. Athletes often suffer from being unable to follow a certain diet pattern and being unable to cut down on weight before the event. CBD can be the best ingredient to look out for both.

CBD curbs the urge to eat to ensure that you can follow a strict diet plan. It keeps you feeling full for longer, and thus it is possible to lose some extra weight before your event.  It also brings proper nutrients to your meal with ease, which ensures you do not have to worry about cutting down on too many foods or including an excess of any ingredient you might not like. CBD oil as a salad dressing or added to your drink can ensure proper nutrition exposure while on diet. You can explore a wide range of CBD edibles relevant to your diet plan to enjoy the benefits of the ingredient.

4.     A Useful Adaptogen

Workouts and training are physical stressors that can have an intense impact on overall health. Adaptogens are plants or herbs that help reduce stress and improve performance. These foods work on improving balance in the functioning of the nervous system to ensure that they do not overwork themselves at any point. These foods protect the nervous system against the effects of stress, especially during workouts.

The interaction of cbd tincture canada with the endocannabinoid system in the body helps us achieve this effect. CBD is an ingredient that focuses on promoting balance by regulating several functions. As the compound works towards achieving homeostasis, it naturally curbs down the stress caused in the body due to training. Our body is in a state of high cortisol levels and elevated body temperature post-workout. It also lacks sugar in the form of glycogen, which indicates dropping energy levels. The ECS activates anandamide to restore balance in the body. The use of CBD promotes this function to achieve balance faster. CBD is a phytocannabinoid that binds at the site of CB receptors to regulate functions.

Also CBD, in combination with other traditional adaptogens such as mushrooms, can elevate performance to ensure that your body recovers from the stress of training immediately. It can also improve your overall performance and increase energy levels to enhance your training limits. The compound ensures that stress does not affect the nervous system in any manner in a natural way.

5.     It can mitigate performance anxiety and improve sleep

Feeling anxious or nervous before an event is very common for athletes. Sometimes anxiety can hinder overall performance and lower morale. Using the right aid to reduce anxiety and improve focus ensures they deliver their best performance. CBD is a powerful ingredient with potent anti-anxiety benefits. The compound binds with serotonin and CB receptors to initiate a calming feeling in the body. It also improves mood and increases concentration to ensure that athletes can deliver their best work.

Sleep also forms a critical part of training. Proper sleep is necessary for the body to rejuvenate and heal from the injuries and protein break down after a workout. Without proper rest, it is impossible to see the effects on performance. Pain, inflammation, anxiety, and several other factors can affect sleep. CBD, with its relaxing effects, enables the body to feel calm and at ease. It can put the person to sleep and reduce the REM sleep cycle to ensure they get quality hours of rest. Improving the mental health of individuals, apart from physical health, can influence their performance in many ways.

Is CBD Safe?

As CBD makes its way into the fitness industry, it is no wonder that more athletes want to understand if the ingredient is legal to use during competitive events. While the grounds are shaky on this matter, as of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency(WADA) considers the use of CBD to be legal during competitive events. The ingredient is not regarded as a performance-enhancing drug. But the organization requires that the product of use should not contain more than 0.3% of THC. The regulation complies with the policies existing in several states that legalized CBD production from hemp.

As the research in the area of CBD applications expands, we understand more about the compound, which can influence the acceptance of CBD by other sports organizations. CBD, unlike several other compounds, does not initiate an addictive effect on users and can bring ample benefits without leaving any side effects. Also, unlike THC, CBD does not have a psychoactive property. In fact, the compound can influence the improvement of your overall health and wellness in a natural way.  

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Benefits of Using a Gua Sha Massaging Tool

Beauty is not all about having good genes. It demands attention, and a lot of effort can go into making your skin healthy and young-looking. From proper dieting to exercising, many aspects contribute to the well-being of your skin.

Nutrition may play an essential role, but never overlook the value of externally-applied, beauty-enhancing treatments. The cosmetic industry offers a plethora of options to maintain the beauty of your skin, and the market thrives with countless beauty products.

 Even though the industry is flourishing with new, chemically-curated products, products containing all-natural ingredients such as CBD, essential oils, and cosmetic clays are still preferred choices. Traditional, all-natural, and unique healthcare remedies are trendy across the world. 

One such treatment from the culturally-rich parts of Asia that’s becoming popular is Gua Sha, which is an exceptional technique used to improve the blood circulation and manage pain.

Gua Sha

Image Source: Unsplash.com

How does Gua Sha work?

Gua Sha is an ancient, traditional Chinese therapeutic technique. It includes the use of a tool to gently scrape the skin by applying pressure that helps in alleviating chronic pain. Although this technique may leave red marks or light bruises on the skin because of the pressure, it certainly helps improve blood flow in the sore areas. While popular as a beauty treatment to improve skin health, it has the potential for many other health benefits as well. Here are five overall advantages of using the Gua Sha massaging tool.

  1. Offers a youthful glow: Gua Sha, as a beauty remedy, can offer multiple benefits that one can only expect from a professional beauty treatment. This traditional therapy can offer tautness and a youthful glow to facial skin by triggering the blood flow in the facial blood vessels. The correct usage of the Gua Sha tool will leave some redness on your face, but it’s just the sign of increased blood flow. It relieves tension from your facial muscles and results in a firm, uplifted skin that appears and feels healthy.
  2. Treats menopause symptoms: Menopause is an extremely sensitive phase that every woman goes through mid-life. It marks the end of the reproductive cycle and brings with it a series of health complications that can be hard to deal with- symptoms include hot flashes, insomnia, and fatigue. Surprisingly, the Gua Sha massaging tool can help treat these symptoms to a great extent. Using this tool with natural remedies like CBD can efficiently help treat menopause symptoms.Click Here to know more about CBD as a medicine for overall symptom management.

One study by PubMed reports that using a Gua Sha tool can provide therapeutically beneficial results in healing menopause symptoms.

Image Source: Unsplash.com

  1. Heals body pain: Body pain is a widespread concern and may be the result of a hectic lifestyle or incorrect postures. It can be challenging to deal with if left untreated. Gua Sha has the potential to alleviate body pain with its application of long pressured treatment. A prolonged Gua Sha treatment can also offer great results for neck and back pain.
  2. Can help Migraine headaches: Migraines can greatly affect the quality of life with extreme headaches, dizziness, and untimed triggers of nausea. As the Gua Sha tool helps to increase blood flow and relieve chronic pain in other parts of your body, it can also help treat migraines by reducing its symptoms. According to a study, a 72-year-old woman received promising benefits from using the Gua Sha technique for 14 days concerning a chronic headache.

Image Source: Unsplash.com

  1. Relieves inflammation: Arthritis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the joints. Various arthritis therapies include Gua Sha as a method to provide helpful results in reducing the pain. Slowly spooning or scrapping the Gua sha tool on your joints increases the blood flow to reduce the pain, providing you the ease of movement again. With Gua Sha, being used as a pain-relieving therapy for arthritis, one can discern its potential as an anti-inflammatory treatment also.

Gua Sha is one therapeutic-treatment of the age-old Asian culture. Intercultural interaction helps incorporate many traditional treatments that are beneficial to the healthcare industry and daily life. This exchange is the reason why we are now able to enjoy extremely competent health care techniques such as Gua sha. You can get this treatment at home with the help of a simple accurately cut jade stone though before proceeding to do it on your own, make sure you comprehend the appropriate technique. For more information, it’s always best to consult a beauty expert or medical professional to learn more about its safe usage.

Reference: 1. https://www.healthline.com/health/gua-sha
3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27760084

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Jessica is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about this specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Cannabis industry. Apart from writing she loves travelling and exploring new places.

Can CBD cure Coronavirus-3 surprising facts about it

With the entire world under turmoil due to the bio-war waged by the novel coronavirus on humanity, the quest for new medicine and vaccines has been the priority for everyone. Traditional medicine and diagnosis have been ineffective until now for fighting against COVID-19. This has made us look for other options that can potentially help cure coronavirus. Plant-based medication such as the CBD comes to the mind of the researchers for its high merits in such scenarios. CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the cannabis plant and shows qualities that boost immunity. Several studies have shown how CBD aids the body against common ailments such as cold sores and the flu. These days CBD is accessible with ease, and it is also a common medication prescribed for these common infections.  However, there have not been any researches on how coronavirus reacts in the presence of CBD. Nevertheless, here are some surprising facts about CBD that designate it as a contender for managing COVID-19.

Cannabis and Covid-19

Presence of essential nutrients in CBD

When a pathogen attacks our body, a majority of the energy and nutrients present in the body goes for the immune system. Not just during the process of being infected, but even during normal conditions, the immune system of the body consumes a lot of nutrients. To our rescue, CBD is very rich in these minerals and essential nutrients and serves the purpose of a supplement to the body. It has been recommended that the cbd oil canada dosage of approximately 2-2.5 mg per day can keep the smooth flow of these essentials.

Nutrients, such as magnesium and calcium derivatives, aid in the fight against foreign pathogens and activate the immunity receptors in the body. These nutrients help in the process of repairing and replenishing the immunoglobulins, keeping the integrity of the immune system and the body as a whole intact. In comparison to other drugs that take energy from the body to process, CBD can help in restoring balance in nutrients and keep the immune system at a state of high alert.

Covis and cannabis

CBD’s take on external pathogens

Many studies and researches have shown that the presence of cannabidiol in CBD in abundance has shown signs of helping the fight against external pathogens. The compound sabotages the growth of the pathogen inside the host by changing the cycle of their incubation. It cuts off the supply of nutrients and prevents the reproduction of the pathogen. This weakens the infectious cell so much that the immune cells can destroy it without any resistance. All this occurs at an enhanced response time because of the activation of the neural receptors that aid the immune system in identifying and detecting the threat.

Inhibited growth of the pathogen and cutting off the supply chain of nutrients indicates a very aggressive impact on the pathogen. In some cases, like in the cold sores, CBD has found to dissolve the outer protein layer of the pathogenic-cell, making it vulnerable to denaturing and attack from the immune cells. This directly helps boost the immunity of the person and can help not only in preventing the virus from manifesting inside the body but also to fight in case the infection grows.

Side effects of CBD

Compared to traditional medication such as the NSAID anti-inflammatory drugs that have been suggested for treating coronavirus, CBD shows a drastically lesser amount of side effects. Other than diarrhea and nauseousness, there has been barely any other documentation that indicates side effects from CBD. According to the World Health Organization, CBD has been declared as a non-addictive and minimal inducer of any side effects. However, consumption in excess could have drastic changes in the body, such as liver failure and related side effects.

Despite being aggressive on the external pathogen, molecules of CBD have very little interaction with the body host cells. Nevertheless, it is always recommended that you must consult a doctor or a holistic cannabis practitioner to be on the safer side. Seldomly, CBD might show signs of interaction with other medications that one might take, such as blood thinners, that can have detrimental consequences leading to numerous different side effects, including diarrhea, fatigue, and dry mouth.


To what extent CBD helps in reinforcing one in the battle against coronavirus might vary from person to person. However, what CBD can help with is to keep the immunity of the person at its best. This helps in preventing the disease in the first place. All these reasons are enough to say that CBD has the potential to manage coronavirus despite there being minimal or no evidence to suggest the same. Small practices that have little to risk, such as consumption of CBD oil daily can go a long way in avoiding coronavirus from infecting.

Jessica's Bolg on St Francis TodayAuthor Bio:

Jessica is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about this specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Cannabis industry. Apart from writing she loves travelling and exploring new places.



Author responds to comments on “Doubts over SRA”

have your say on St Francis TodayFollowing Roy Smith’s article on Tuesday 19th November, Roy responds to comments made by readers

Thank all for your comments on my post. It is appreciated and valued. Unfortunately, the point I was trying to make was lost in translation. I was proposing a process change as a solution. I will elaborate.

Personally, I support the village and canals special rating area and I believe it is essential to sustain a quality lifestyle. I also support all the initiatives of the St Francis Bay Property Owners Association and I am very appreciative of the good work that is being done.

In March 2019 I became aware of the provision in the Kouga Municipality Rates Policy that ‘each Owner of each Rateable Property within the SRA shall have one vote’. Keen to explore how the voting rights will become reality, from May to August 2019, myself together with the team of four met on occasion with some SFPO NPC Directors and other representatives on an informal basis. We, at the outset, made it clear that we are not related to the Concerned Residents Association (CRA) and that our aim was to cultivate community unity amongst St Francis Bay Special Rates Property Owners. We believed it could be achieved by focusing on improving membership inclusivity, compliance with project management principles and addressing member satisfaction. Several observations were made and shared with the SFPO NPC Directors and their representatives. One of the key observations was that even though as a SFPO NPC member I have one vote, my vote really does not amount to much as the business plan and projects are fixed. Unfortunately, the engagements with the SFPO NPC Directors and their representatives did not result in the outcomes we desired.

If the supposition is that the funds raised by means of special rating area levy is limited to the beach, roads and security projects, the question I am raising is where are funds going to come from to deal with emerging threats and gaps in delivering on the vision? As I see it there are three options: Introduce an additional levy, increase the current levy or manage the special rating area funds differently. My line of thinking is that the latter is the best option and is in line with what is the norm in all other special rating areas currently in operation in South Africa.

I am advocating a change in process i.e. the introduction of an Operational Plan. We should empower members to participate in the process of assessing the current situation, deciding on what the priorities are, deciding on how the priorities should be addressed and to balance project funding requirements against limited available funds. The outcome of this is the one-year Operational Plan to be voted on by members. All this should happen within the context of the strategic plan being the beach, security and roads. Preferably I would have preferred that ‘environmental quality’ be included as a strategic thrust.

If the reality is that funds raised by means of special rating area levy are going to be limited to the beach, roads and security projects, as per the current business plan, I believe we are heading down the path of levy increases which will create further community disunity and dissatisfaction.

The Operational Plan will create the opportunity to make my vote meaningful. If my proposal of an Operational Plan is adopted, I will become the special rating area’s top supporter. Dare I say; it may even convince other opposing the special rating area to change their views.

Roy Smith

Reader doubts SRA’s ability to deliver

A Letter to the editor St Francis Today from reader Roy Smith

The vision for St Francis Bay, as documented in the SFPO Business Plan, is a world class lifestyle destination. It is acknowledged that six most important factors that contribute towards a world class lifestyle destination are safety and security, infrastructure, environmental quality, facilities, attractions and social stability. The focus areas of the SFPO Business Plan is the restoration of the Beach, River and Spit, upgrading of certain roads and the installation of a limited number of CCTV Cameras. It is clear that the plan will not deliver the vision.

The Directors plan to raise loans to front-end load project spend on the Beach, Spit and River using the levies raised as guarantee.  Given the shortfalls in the SFPO NPC revenue stream and that funds are to be committed for the next ten years, we are in serious trouble – there will be no available funds to address emerging threats.

It is reasonable to assume that crime and grime levels in the Village and Canal area will increase in the next ten years. Common robbery, theft from motor vehicles, pickpocketing and property-related crime as well as and petty crime on the beach will increase. Due to the economic climate is also reasonable to assume that harassment, begging, loitering will increase.

It will be foolish to accept that R 9 m (R 10 m less that was planned for) on CCTV cameras over the next 10 years will be enough to combat crime. The need will arise for property owners to increase the number of security initiatives such as advanced technology and/or foot patrols. Property owners will also have to address harassment, begging and loitering and an increase in grime levels.

Property Owners are faced with a dilemma. Accept a dirty and unsafe living environment with a beautiful beach for the next 10 years or agree to increasing special rating area levy. You need only refer to the Llandudno example where it has been proposed that their special rating area levy be increased by between 400% and 500% to deal with security issues.

It is important to dispel the myth created that the special rating area levy is fixed at 25%. It is not. There are two ways to increase the levy. The Financial Agreement between the SFPO NPC and Municipal Manager, signed in September 2018, provides for an annual review and adjustment in January every year, to become effective from July in that year. Property owners can also vote for a proposed increased in terms of Local Government Property Rates Act. A vote of 50% + 1 is required. An increase in special rating area levy will have a negative impact on property owners monthly disposable income especially the pensioners residing in the Village and Canals.

What is the best way to deal with the challenge? We need a long-term strategic business plan for the Canals and Village with flexibility to cater for emerging challenges, supplemented with a One-year Operational Plan applying available funds in accordance with prevailing threats and priorities. Members should adopt the Operational Plan by means of a vote. We cannot raise loans using levies as guarantee – this will force levy increases.

Roy Smith

Readers are welcome to ‘Have Your Say’ on St Francis Today and should they wish can choose anonymity if they prefer not to be identified.