A “perfect storm” describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances aggravate a situation drastically”. The events of the past three days could thus indeed be termed a perfect storm which we can only hope and pray washes clean.

Possibly the Sunday Times’ revelations on Des van Rooyen’s regular visits to the Gupta’s enclave served as an early warning and someone with a modicum of intelligence realised the danger of the  building clouds. Maybe it was this that precipitated the decision to drop the charges against Gordhan and his SARS colleagues. By throwing NPA’s Shaun Abrahams under the bus maybe they felt it may buy them time or favour at the State Capture hearing in the High Court the following day. But Abrahams was having none of it and rather threw as many of his staff in front of him to slow down the bus before it hit him by blaming for a poor investigation rather than himself for being ‘captured’ by Zuma.

The Oscar Pretorius trial and subsequent appeals introduced many to the ways of the court  but watching the proceedings on Tuesday was a whole new chapter. Advocate after advocate presented their cases to the three judges on the bench and as the sun set on the day, van Rooyen’s and indeed Zuma’ case was in tatters, torn apart from the gale force winds blowing ahead of the storm.

There is a saying “red sky at night – shepherds delight” and as the sun set we, honest and patriotic South African’s saw beautiful red skies.

The saying continues “red skies in the morning – shepherds warning!” If the Zuma gang had spent the night in Pretoria they would have then woken to a red sky of red shirts and red berets as they looked across Church Square as thousands of EFF supporters had spent the entire night there in protest of Zuma. And the morning message was loud and clear! “Zuma must go!”

Listening to Sipho Pityana speaking at the Save SA gathering certainly had this scribe wondering why wasn’t someone like Pityana our president rather than what we sadly have. There were several very powerful speeches at that gathering including some by ANC stalwarts including Cheryl Carallous and most surprisingly, Gauteng ANC leader Paul Mashatile. But it was Pityana who truly said is as it has to be said.

abandon-shipWill Zuma resign? Unlikely and it seems his cronies will do everything to keep him there whilst they continue to plunder the state coffers. It can almost be taken as read that when the DA approaches parliament to impeach Zuma it will again fail for the ANC are not about to let him go. And as for the NPA finally charging him with 753 counts of fraud, forget it, He and the Gupta’s still own the NPA and The Hawks.

So a commission will be put together by the Judge President to investigate but has there ever been a commission that has ever made a difference. For all the sense that Pityana made in his speech about people power it will still be a while  before we see politicians actually listening to and serving the people.

The perfect storm has come and gone and we can only hope that at least some of the filth has been washed away and that the foundations of the unwanted structures and crooked politicians have been eroded enough to see them fall in the very near future.

Lets see how many jump ship in the coming weeks!