A touch of Eloquence at Cape St Francis Resort

Eloquence at Cape ST Francis Resort

Zelda (violin) and Michelle (guitar) of Eloquence performing at lunch at Cape St Francis Resort.

There was a little touch of Eloquence for lunch around the pool at Cape St Francis Resort on Sunday and one can only hope that we hear more Eloquence in the coming months. It really was a wonderful change from some of the music delivered on Sundays at the resort and whilst maybe not to everyone’s taste, Eloquence played mellow, gentle music from the sixties or seventies so they are sure to please the over 60’s brigade as well a few of the younger folk who enjoy music from quieter background offerings with their meal. It left one feeling groovy and allowed table conversation rather than having to shout to be heard or wait for the band to take a break to chat with friends.

Eloquence is two Jeffreys Bay lasses, Michelle Ohlhoff on guitar and Zelda Malan on violin and they offer their quiet folksy rock style music in a lovely relaxed sound that only an acoustic guitar and violin duet can. Most of the songs they played during the short period I stayed were old favourites, easily recognisable and soon had one quietly singing under one’s breath or at least humming along to the tune. Music to lift your spirit so well done ladies for playing such great music and for bringing back such great music from those happy, hippie days!

Here’s hoping the resort invites Eloquence back for Sunday lunch at least once or twice a month going forward for they are bound to become a popular lunch time act.

Michelle & Zelda of Eloquence

Eloquence at Cape St Francis Resort