by Matt Gennrich
It’s hard to believe that we have had two Saturdays with the same foul weather in a row and now possibly a third one this Saturday, August 6th. As we know a forecast a few days out in Cape St Francis is not always accurate, so we are hoping that by Saturday morning the weather will be conducive to finally doing the clean up as planned for 10h00, with the meeting point at the lighthouse. The Kromme Enviro-Trust and the St Francis Cycling Club will be supporting and helping FOSTER with the clean up.
On the positive side, the beach and area next to the surfers car park is looking pretty clean, but it’s the wild side from the lighthouse westwards that needs urgent cleaning up, especially in the many pools and inlets. So please bring something to help you retrieve rubbish, such as kiddies fishing nets, braai tongs, etc.
We will know on Saturday morning whether we can proceed. If we need to cancel due to bad weather, we will advise via the various social media channels.
Dave Bowmer and his team have been very busy over the last few weeks in the Seal Point Nature Reserve upgrading the path from the Surfers car park to the Lighthouse, including improving the drainage. The first of our new information signs which were designed by Trudi Malan and assembled by Alan’s Woodworks with wood donated by the Buchanan-Ritchies has also been erected at the start of this walk. You will soon see more of these information signs going up at the entrance points of the Reserves. Many thanks to those who made this possible.
Badly needed due to the recent rains and now complete is the rehabilitation of the path from Queen of the West Boulevard to Sunset Rocks, with some of the path rerouted and better drainage put in. This will minimise the damage to wetlands and sensitive vegetation in the area.
The team are now busy on the paths and trails in the Cape St Francis Nature Reserve and will shortly return to the Seal Point Nature Reserve to improve the entrance at Sunset Rocks. Thereafter they will continue with the alien plant removal project.


Wildside TV Screen Advertising Specials!

Wildside TV Screen Advertising Specials!

It’s that time of year when we renew and offer slots on Wildside TV screens to premium businesses in our village! As you know, our village is growing and more and more people are moving here and opening up which means more competition. This is your opportunity to advertise your services or business on platforms around St Francis.

We have now confirmed our fourth screen which means more exposure to more eyes including the residents and holidaymakers.

The screens are in Build It, Kouga Print, Superspar Village Square and coming to Cape St Francis at the Coastal Convenience store. PLUS, you can pop your business card into the card rack at the Spar where they literally fly off the shelf. Give your business direct access to the traffic in all of these chosen venues!

We are offering an AUGUST BLITZ! Book your spot for R2500 for 4 screens over a 12-month period. The adverts run on a 10-minute loop so the advert gets 6 spots per hour, all day, every day.

The bonus is that you can change your advert whenever you wish (especially if you are running specials) and if you are stuck for design work, we have someone who can assist for an additional nominal fee. If you wish to run a video, you can submit one to us and we will gladly add that in!

Remember, advertising is about being consistent. If you are not in the public domain, you will be forgotten!  From 01 September, the rate increases to R3000 for the year. Book and pay by 31 August to secure this special.

Please feel free to contact  Craig on 082 3764443 for further information and advert specs to secure your spot!


The Three Forces At Work When Investing

The Three Forces At Work When Investing


The Human Side Of Money presented by Client Care Lifestyle Financial Planning

There are 3 forces at work when investing. If you hear someone using the word “risk” in relation to investing, then there is a good chance that they do not really know what they are talking about, it is an easy go-to but what they are really talking about is likely volatility or price fluctuation.

The first and most dangerous force when investing is permanent loss of capital. This comes from owning a single share which blows up or having all your wealth in one place and then losing it, this is a biggie.

The next force is inflation or inflation risk. This is the slow erosion of your wealth over time, the loss of purchasing power. Remember cash is only a currency.

The third force is volatility which many people mistakenly call “risk”. If you hear the word “risk” in relation to investing or a portfolio replace it with the word “return”. So, when someone says “that is a high-risk portfolio” or “this is a low-risk portfolio” you should say, no, this is a high return portfolio or a low return portfolio. Yes, the high return portfolio may have more volatility than the low return portfolio, but you will be handsomely rewarded over time with a better return.

Even with a portfolio 100% invested in global equities (the great companies of the world), the only force against your money is volatility. Total and permanent loss of capital cannot happen because you are investing in many different companies around the world. This type of portfolio will also smash inflation, the second force and make sure that you protect the spending power of your money over time.

So, when investing try not to use the “risk” word which instils fear but rather speak about volatility and understand that this is a natural force when one invests over the long term.


Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Planner

t. 083 261 9287


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Data Collectors Start Gathering Info For New Valuation Roll

Data Collectors Start Gathering Info For New Valuation Roll

The official Kouga Municipality valuers – DDP Property Valuers as appointed by the municipality – will be collecting preparatory data in Kouga towns from August 1, 2022.

Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, said the data collection would lay the groundwork for the compilation of the new General Valuation Roll for the period 2022 to 2025.

“Duties of the data collectors will include property inspection and taking of photographs of a property,” said Hendricks. “They might have to enter some houses.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however, these preparations are important if we are to compile a credible valuation roll.

“They will be wearing identity tags in the intertest of security. However, if someone knocks on your door, and you are not certain if it really is them, we ask that you call our revenue office at 042 200 2200 to verify their identities before allowing them access to your premises.”

Property owners will be informed of the new valuation of their property and will have the opportunity to object should they believe the valuation is incorrect.

The new valuations will determine the worth of a property and influence how much property owners pay for rates from July 2023. Properties will be valued according to their market value as at July 1, 2022.

For more information about the valuation process, contact Julius Hammond at 042 200 2200 or send an email to

Alternatively, visit Kouga Municipality’s Revenue Office at 33 Da Gama Road, Jeffreys Bay.