Dear Reader

As a result of some well-meant feedback, it has come to our attention that our comments section is rather neglected lately. So, we thought, why not give it a little rev? Introducing the “Write A Comment, Win One Thousand Rand Cash and/or a Case Of Beer” extravaganza!

Here’s the deal: Scroll down to the comments section and unleash the wordsmith within you. Pen a comment that makes us chuckle, raises our eyebrows, or just generally leaves us in awe of your linguistic prowess. The best part? You stand a chance to win not only the admiration of your peers but also cold, hard cash or a case of beer. Because let’s face it, nothing says “congratulations” like a refreshing beverage or a little extra moolah.

Win Cash Or Beer

One grand hard cash to the person who comes up with the best comment as judged by our panel of comments specialists and a case of St Francis Brewery beer for the most hilarious, snort-your-coffee-through-your-nose type of comment. There are also 4 x beer tasting vouchers for the St Francis Brewery for second place in the Funniest Comments section.

So, whether you’re a seasoned commentator or a first-time contributor, don’t be shy. Dive into the comment section like you’re plunging into a pool of wit and charm. Who knows, your comment might be the gem that earns you the title of Commenter Extraordinaire and some sweet rewards to go along with it.

As per usual, there are rules. Sorry, we have to do this.

No horrible comments, including the usual ‘haters gonna hate, yo!’ style of comments. If we don’t like your comments, we won’t publish them. It’s pointless making nasty remarks about anyone or anything; those sorts of comments won’t win anything. You can make as many comments as you want, but you have just under a month to enter.

If there are no good, award-winning comments, then no prizes will be awarded.

You could start off by commenting on this article, and see how that works out.

The editor