Long Term Coastal Protection Solution – Fundraising Update

Long Term Coastal Protection Solution – Fundraising Update

Fundraising Update

To accelerate the construction of the

“Long Term Coastal Protection Solution”

In St Francis Bay

(Restoration of our River, Spit and Beach)

February 2024


The SFPO NPC appointed Advisian to design a Long Term Coastal Protection Solution for St Francis Bay in 2017, and completed the Preliminary Design in February 2018. This solution formed the basis of the application for the Environmental Application and its subsequent approval in April 2022. The SFPO NPC launched a fundraising drive in 2021 to accelerate the construction of the Long Term Coastal Protection Solution to restore our beach in St Francis Bay. 

We announced the fundraising drive at our AGM on 20 December 2023.

In terms of our EIA approval, we are required to have the funds available before we commence the construction of any phase.

Fundraising Update

Target – Rm

Total – R160m

Phases 1 & 2 – R110m

Phases 3, 4 and 5 – R50m

Raised to date (5 February 2024)

Total – R86.5m

Consisting of:

Existing cash – R34m

Riparians – R6m

River Comm/Estates – R2m

Donations – R5.5m

Loans – R39m

Still to be raised. 

Total required – R160m

Raised to date – R86.5m

Still required by Phase – R73.5m

Phases 1 & 2 – R23.5m

Phases 3, 4 & 5 – R50m


The Fundraising team have spent the past month, since the SFPO AGM, talking to many property owners about their participation in funding the acceleration of the Long Term Coastal Protection Solution. This interaction with property owners is ongoing, and we welcome participation and engagement from any property owners willing to support this fundraising initiative.

The quicker we can restore our beach, the sooner we will experience and enjoy the recreational value of our beaches once again, continued growth in the value of our properties, and reduction in the cost of maintaining the rock revetments currently defending the canals and many properties overlooking the beach.


Wayne Furphy:



Brett Dawson: 


t. 082-370-3306

Murray Stewart:


t. 082-372-1980

Garth Wright: 

e.  garth.wright@wrightsecurity.co.za

t. 082-800-2929


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St Francis Beach Update – Where We Are Right Now

St Francis Beach Update – Where We Are Right Now

St Francis Beach Update -St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPO) Special Ratings Area (SRA) Update, as published by St Francis Chronicle

The Supreme Court of Appeal overturned the High Court Ruling, declaring the SRA and levy unlawful. Further, the judgment was received on December 1 2023. The SRA levy will continue to be collected going forward.

So, work on the Beach Restoration Project officially restarted on December 5, 2023, leading to the construction of Phases 1 and possibly 2 (if we have sufficient funding) in 2024.


The SRA was proposed for the following reasons:

Restoring our property investments requires restoring our river, spit, beach, roads, and security.

Our Municipality had neither the financial nor political will to restore our infrastructure.

We decided to do something ourselves rather than do nothing. 

88% of all votes received were in favour of the SRA

The SRA was approved by the Municipality and started on July 1 2018.

SFPO NPC and the Municipality are working in the spirit of a Public/Private Partnership. 

Current Status: 2024

Investor confidence restored in St Francis Bay.

Also, an unprecedented demand for holiday and permanent residential properties has continued in St Francis Bay.

The construction boom continues in the greater St Francis area.

Santareme (Santareme, St Francis-on-Sea, the Port and Otters Landing) property values have followed the upward trend of the Village, Canals and The Links.

St Francis is one of the few South African towns experiencing this level of property investor interest.

This didn’t happen by mistake. It is a direct consequence of the confidence that existing and new property owners have in the future of our town, enabled by a well-run DA Municipality, and the clear and visible benefits that our SRA has delivered for restoring our security, roads and beach.


Long-Term Coastal Protection Solution.

Work planned for 2024:

We have commenced with the implementation of this project. 

Step 1 is the preparation phase, from December 2023 to March 2024.

Step 2 is the construction phase, running from April/May 2024 for 4-8 months, depending on a timely tender process and contractor availability.

St Francis Beach Update: Work completed to date:

Advisian completed the preliminary design for the long-term coastal protection solution (i.e., Groynes and Sand Nourishment) in 2018.

The EIA for Long Term Coastal Protection Solution was approved by DEDEAT (07/04/2022).

The multiple breaches of the Spit have demonstrated the need for our Long Term Coastal Protection Solution, i.e., to restore our 2.7 km of beach from the Kromme River mouth to Main Beach. This beach is vital to the long-term well-being of St Francis Bay.

Completion of the Emergency revetment for the Spit by KLM:

The Emergency revetment provides a short to medium-term (3-5 years) protection solution. Further, none of the revetments offer a long-term solution as the beach erodes, and property owners and KLM continue paying to repair these revetments. 

For more information, please go to www.stfrancispropertyowners.com

Contact details:

Telephone: 042 294 0594

Email: info@sfpo.co.za

Physical Address: (Office): 9 Philippa Place, St Francis Bay,

Postal Address: PO Box 18, St Francis Bay, 6312


See also: Elke M Update


The SFPO Association and the SFPO Non Profit Company AGMs

The Annual General Meetings of the SFPO Association followed by the SFPO Non Profit Company took place at St Francis Links on Wednesday evening.

Both meetings were very well supported by both St Francis Bay property owners and representatives of Kouga Local Municipality including Executive Mayor Hattingh Bornman, Municipal Manager Charl du Plessis, Ward 12 Councilor Lorraine Maree and PR Councilor responsible for Planning & Development, Shena Ruth.

SFPO Chairman, Wayne Furphy gave presentations on the past year’s projects for both organisations, with the focus on the commencement of the Long Term Coastal Protection Plan in 2024.  He thanked the community of St Francis Bay for their ongoing support and added thanks to the Municipality for their commitment to the implementation of the plan to restore our beach, river and spit as well as resolving the issues around service delivery and improving our roads infrastructure.

The meetings closed with well wishes to all for a happy and safe holiday season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024.

The presentations and minutes of both meetings with voting results will be available at www.stfrancispropertyowners.com

Statement Issued by the St Francis Property Owners Association with regard to The Recent Damage To Our Shoreline

Statement Issued by the St Francis Property Owners Association with regard to The Recent Damage To Our Shoreline

St Francis Bay © @gumbootcamera


Date: 23 October 2023

Over the past few weeks, the extreme coastal conditions have severely damaged our coastline in general and have had a major impact on the St Francis Bay beach and Spit area. This has highlighted the urgency to proceed with the restoration of our beach.

We continue to raise and accumulate funds from donations and the Special Rating Area levy to fund the NPC Business Plan, including the Beach Restoration Project. 

The details of the Beach Restoration Project have been widely communicated by the SFPO as an integral part of the overall Business Plan.

Unfortunately, litigation has stood in the way of fully implementing and progressing the Business Plan. To this end, the Supreme Court of Appeal will hear the case on 13 November 2023. The outcome of this litigation is expected early in 2024.

The SFPO fully understands the urgency of the situation and continues to work towards a positive outcome for all residents of the greater St Francis Bay area. 

For details of the full Business Plan, Project plans, SFPO updates and financial statements, please refer to the St Francis Property Owners Association website here- https://www.stfrancispropertyowners.com/

Please direct all queries to the SFPO office on 

email: info@sfpo.co.za or 

phone: 042 294 0594

Why You Should Join The St Francis Property Owners Association.

Why You Should Join The St Francis Property Owners Association.

Here are ten excellent reasons to become members of the St Francis Bay Residents/Ratepayers Association.

Our Association has a competent executive team of local residents elected by ratepayers every two years. Whether a property owner or a resident renting a property, your support is critical to ensure St Francis Bay is all it can be. This will allow everyone residing in our town the best lifestyle they deserve.

Start participating in our future by joining the SFPO. The subscription is just R600 a year (R375 for pensioners).

1. Service Delivery

Water, roads, electricity, sewerage management, refuse collection, and fire control are the most severe service delivery issues. The Association monitors progress and works with the relevant Municipal bodies to improve service delivery. For example, we have assisted the Municipality with rolling out their new wheelie bins for refuse collection. The Association collaborates closely with our Ward Councillor and is represented on the Ward 12 Committee. We have provided our Ward Committee with a comprehensive mapped listing of street names to facilitate the manufacture and erection of signage on every street.

Wheelie Bins For All

2. Land Use and Spatial Development

A particular plan was drawn to ensure that our town provides essential amenities such as schools, churches, parks, and sports facilities and adheres to logical zoning patterns. However, the Association occasionally must step in to ensure inappropriate development does not affect ratepayers’ investments. 

3. Aesthetics and Planning

The look and feel of St Francis Bay are unique. The Association provides administration for the Aesthetics Committee. It works closely with the Municipality Planning Department to maintain our town’s exceptional appearance and adherence to by-laws.

4. Community Policing and Security

The Association works hand in hand with CCTV monitoring service, the local police, neighbourhood watch, and local security companies to curb crime within our community. We recently sponsored solar lights for the street lamps in our Central Business District to ensure the area is well-lit and safe during load-shedding. We sponsored beach patrol officers for Main Beach last Season to ensure the safety of our beachgoers. 

Beach Security

5. Beach Reconstruction

The Association has members involved in the process. We aim to keep the community informed concerning the project. 

6. Riparian and Kromme River Matters

Our Association works hand in hand with the Riparian Home Owners Association and the Kromme Joint River Committee. This work is done to protect these homeowners’ interests and manage our canal and river systems.

7. Critical Matters

The potential erection of the Thyspunt Nuclear Power station was an issue that the Association took up with Eskom. We have recently published a comprehensive document providing advice on Power and Water Security. We continue to monitor the erection of 4G and 5G Cell phone towers and the roll-out of fibre optic cabling. The draft policy for solar energy is also under consideration by the Association.

Nukes No Thanks

8. Provision of Information

The Association has a continuously updated website. In addition, public meetings, newsletters and our Facebook Page are used to keep members informed.

Your Guide To St Francis.

9. Environmental Matters

The Association has strong links with the Kromme Enviro-Trust. The two organisations keep each other informed and work together on issues relating to environmental matters. The Association initiated the provision of the recycling facility, which is now available at the Municipal yard next to the fire station. 


10. Disaster Management

The Association works closely with the Disaster Volunteer Group to provide swift and effective reaction and management of local disasters, including fire, flooding, pollution control, and COVID-19 times – food relief for the needy. In addition, the Association has been proactively involved in promoting responsible bush and Erven clearing for fire prevention.


SFPO Associations Newsletter September 2023

St Francis Property Owners Association Newsletter September 2023

St Francis Property Owners Association Newsletter September 2023

SFPO September 2023 Newsletter


Association Membership Renewal is Due

SFPO Association September Newsletter

A strong and proactive Rate Payers Association is essential if we are going to hold our Municipality accountable for the infrastructure and services we rely on as property owners, residents and business owners in St Francis Bay. The strength of our St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPO) depends on the number of members we have, the commitment of our Association’s Committee members (who are volunteers) and the quality, efficiency and friendliness of our Office Administration. 

The Association’s Committee represents the whole of St Francis Bay. Your membership contribution enables us to run a small administration office, monitor service delivery from the Municipality, and invest in essential community projects. 

Membership of the St Francis Property Owners Association is voluntary, and we hope we can rely on your support.

Our membership runs from 1 October to 30 September annually.

The subscription fee for 2023-2024 is R600.00 per annum or R375.00 for pensioners.

Full Newsletter HERE