Collo’s Column

Well we will likely know the decision by this evening on whether the Coronavirus Command Council (CCC) has changed the lockdown conditions and as to what degree. Certainly alcohol will be atop their list for it would seem all ills during this pandemic, well according to some on the  CCC, liey directly on either alcohol or tobacco and pose the greatest vehicle to spread the virus.

It is no secret that alcohol and tobacco are as inseparable as the ‘Two Ronnies’ or rain and water hence the rise of the black marketeers and common knowledge that this market benefits greatly when either one of both of these commodities are banned and so naturally it gives rise to conspiracy theories.

So, the black market is a perfect funnel for raising election funds for the ANC and would make sense that law enforcement pay only attention to thos marketers not on their fund raising committee. Then again maybe it is the past President and his RET forces who are running the show for was not his son Edward once tied to allegations of  being involved in the illicit tobacco industry a few years back. With his dad considered the ‘behind the scenes leader’ of RET faction they surely a cash inflow to mobilise the troops to not only defend the Uncle Jacob but to also to get the Ace elected as President next year.  

Whatever the reason, should they again put restrictions on the liquor trade it will have serious repercussions not only to that industry but the entire hospitality industry. Longer curfew hours will see fewer people eating out at restaurants owing to restricted trading hours. Closing off-sales over the weekends will probably also result in the total banning the transporting liquor during the lockdown resulting in accommodation cancellations, particularly in  self-catering establishment & non-licensed B&B’s owing to unavailability of liquor over the period..

Unable to sell liquor over one of the busiest weekends of the year, the off-sale retailers in holiday towns such as St Francis (Tops & Blue Bottle locally) will suffer serious loss in potential income at a time when they are desperately trying to recover from all the previous lockdowns. That locals will binge buy to stock up prior to bans only helps cash flow for it means fewer sales in weeks to come as hoarders stocks slowly reduce before they restock their cellars.

There is also talk that the CCC is being lobbied to open up restrictions for religious gatherings by allowing up to 5000 people to gather outdoors and up to 1000 being allowed at indoors events. With the traditional migration of worshippers to Limpopo over Easter the CCC will be hard pressed to deny the religious leader calls. Many of the ANC voter base will be those attending these huge gatherings and surely they will not wnt to antagonize these voters. That they are super spreader events will be considered but even if they do not accede to the demands the crowds will still gather and defy the CCC.

The rumour mill has made no mention of closing the beaches because of the Third Wave being anticipated for this more than anything should be of concern to us beach walkers, bathers and surf lovers. Waves and beaches go together like rain and water and waves and surfing are as inseparable as the “Two Ronnies” so we need to hope that those on the CCC have at last understood that these Covid Waves have nothing to do with the ocean waves and so the beaches will remain open.

Here is hoping Level One will be left as it is. Enough is enough already.