Thank You For The Support!
The amount of support for Wildside TIMES Magazine has been quite incredible. So many people were phoning and asking if they could please advertise in the magazine and be a part of it, as opposed to us hustling for advertising and making cold calls. Knowing that the magazine has so much support in our village is gratifying.
We have the amazing cover photo from Si Cunneen to start the magazine (as well as an interview with the photographer inside).
One feature article is the cool interview with Cristan Sardinha, our new St Francis Bay High School founder, where we chat about her journey to St Francis Bay and setting up Key College.
We also have a Bali travel story, words from the Slipway Surf Crew and some news about the SFPO Association Power Security Project. Finally, there is a story of emerging golf champion Izzy Obray and a look back on the St Francis Bay Beer Run.
The magazine is available in print at various outlets in the village. Still, this issue is proving very popular and has been moving fast. The village likes to read and to read local news with a positive twist. Not too much about load-shedding, please. Let’s instead talk about extraordinary people and fun happenings in our village.
The magazine is also available online, in full colour and fully interactive. Click below to see the wonders of online magazines. You can read it here, or download it and read it later on your device of choice.
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So once again, thank you, everyone, for the fantastic support, and we are proud to be part of the ever-changing, ever-growing community we live in.
The next magazine will be published at the end of July /first week of August. With the growing interest, we have already started taking ad bookings, and the magazine will be a bigger version. Some advertisers have booked for the whole year and, in so doing, have earned substantial discounts., If you would like to do that, please reach out

The Wildside TIMES publishing team