Today sees the launch of Wildside TIMES magazine issue number 3. Wildside TIMES is a local community magazine that covers St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis and the surrounds. It is an A4 colour magazine, and it is entirely free. We want people to read it and not have it languishing on a shelf, so it is free and always will be free.

In it, we have a feature story on Pumba Private Game Reserve. What a fantastic experience it was visiting this fabulous Game Reserve. It was an incredible experience, and Pumba should be on everyone’s list of things to do in the area.

There is also an updated interview with Trudi Malan regarding the Thyspunt Nuclear build situation and the work of the Thyspunt Alliance. Again, we are fortunate to have someone like Trudi and her team watching our back and ensuring that everything is accounted for and that due diligence is done with everyone and everything.

There is a forecast on the upcoming Corona Open JBay surf event and music festival kicking off next week in JBay. The forecast looks perfect for excellent surf, so we advise making sure you have some time next week. The waves should start pouring through around Wednesday afternoon and stick around for a few days. The new format only takes three days to run a Championship Tour surfing event.

There are also several reviews, including the One33 Rosemary and Black Olive Gin (delicious), Gavin’s Sushi Restaurant (superb), Nevermind Restaurant (amazeballs) as well as The Bakery, Barry Killian’s uber-cool contribution to this village and a meeting place of many.
There is also a very informative article on Woodridge for those parents who might be wondering about schooling for 2023.

You will find the magazine at the SUPERSPAR and several retail outlets in and around the village. If you want a couple of issues  for your store, please mail, and we’ll organise some. If you want a copy for yourself and can’t find one (they tend to go quite quickly), mail the same address, and we will advise.
The support has been exceptional. Thanks to all the advertisers, supporters, contributors and those who say nice things about the magazine. Thanks for being lekker.