Why visit Namaqualand when we have just as good on our doorstep?

wild flowers st francis

Not be as expansive as offered up in Namaqualand but our wild flowers are just as breathtaking.

Driving between Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay one does get a glimpse at some of the magnificent spring flowers presently blooming in the greater St Francis region. One of the benefits of the devastating fires of last January is that it cleared some of the alien bush and has allowed the spring flower to find their freedom and adorn our landscapes.

Cape St Francis Resort with FOSTER promoted a fantastic opportunity on the Wild Flower Chase, a supervised tour into the Air Park to experience the floral phenomena on our doorstep which although on a far smaller scale than the spring flowers of Namaqualand, certainly compete in terms of their beauty.

Dave Bowmer of FOSTER has set up an extremely interesting and educational display of the many types of Fynbos that are present in our region sampling many of the species with a live plant along with a description. This display was set up in one of the resort’s conference venues but as the room is presently being used for its intended purpose, conferences, the display is not available at the moment.  Anita Lennox of Cape St Francis Resort has informed St Francis Today that the resort hopes to be able to set up the display and tour, even if only for a day or two, to allow more people to experience our floral beauty.

So watch this space for as soon as there is more definite news on whether and  when the  Wild Flower Chase to see this floral beauty in situ in Air Park and IBFR may again be available, we will let readers know. We do however encourage you to book your place immediately if the opportunity presents itself.

Possibly in years to come our sping flowers could feature as a futher attraction and reason to visit St Francis over the Calamari Classic festival.

Educational racks displaying various flora

21 = Geranium Icanum | 22 = Gladiolus Huttonii

43 = Pelargonium | 44 = Pelargonium

33 = Indigofera