Welcome to the first of our weekly columns presented by SUPERSPAR Village Square.

This column serves as a quick roundup of what is happening at the SUPERSPAR and Tops, for customers and local residents.

firstly, there is a significant shortage of metals (tin plate and steel in particular) and glass in the country due to the impact of COVID-19 on market forces, both globally and locally.

In addition, Mondi was declared a “force majeure” in December 2021. This means that the supply of pulp – the input for paper products – has been affected. One of the key suppliers, Twinsaver, has been affected by this event. The issue should be resolved shortly. 


The price of tomatoes has spiked in South Africa as well. This situation is a result of heavy rains and pest damage. The good news is that as the weather improves, volumes should increase, which will reduce the price.   


There is also a bit of a potato shortage. In South Africa, due to a bad frost and excessive rains leading to low local yields, on top of global sourcing shortages. Nick Messaris, the general manager of Messaris Nuts and Crisps, the oldest potato crisp manufacturer in South Africa, said early winter cold snaps have almost decimated the potato supply in South Africa.

“We have had a rather bad potato crop in South Africa. Farmers in the northeast of the country have had almost a disastrous crop due to the cold snaps that we had earlier in the winter,” Messaris said.

Sin Tax

Let’s not forget this the first three months of the year always sees alcohol and ciggies go up with the sin taxes in the government budget! So your beers and ciggies might see a bit of a spike in price over the next quarter.

Tops Refurbishment

Finally, the SPAR management would like to apologise for the chaos in Tops with the retiling of the floor. This was a necessity and it will look great when completed. So, for now, apologies for the challenges in getting your cold beers and etc. We will be back up and running like normal by next Wednesday at the latest.