Welcome to our weekly column presented by SUPERSPAR Village Square.

This column serves as a quick roundup of what is happening at the SUPERSPAR and Tops.
The water crisis in Gqeberha continues, and last night’s drizzle has done little to affect the situation. At SUPERSPAR Village Square, we have bulked up on bottled water. We have our in-store ( RO ) Reverse Osmosis filter system running at full capacity. Also, we are regularly checking the water quality from our RO system. So if you think you might need some clean drinking water, come grab.

For all of us sinner out there, the recent budget by fledgling (but already a legend) Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana smashed us all with sin taxes. So you can expect increases on sin tax items. If you want to drink or smoke, you gotto pay the band. Fair enough.

Nutella is back in stock, but this treat is in limited sizes, so grab it while you can. The future looks OK for Nutella, but if you’re OCD about your chocolate spread, it’s best to move now. No one can buy too much Nutella

For those who know, Dragon Fruit is back in season, and the SUPERSPAR has had its first delivery. It’s a superfood and a superfruit, and you will do yourself some good to have some in your diet. Dragon Fruit has had exceptional reviews as the interest in fruit and plant-based diets continue to grow.

Finally, some super value combos are available in the Fruit& Veg section this weekend at the SUPERSPAR. So if you’re going hard at the Wine on Water festival and need to get some vitamins and nutrients into you, come and check out these specials. We have already explained to you how to access awesome, purified water and keep hydrated this weekend.