Phuza Thursday and an Incredible Weekend Of Specials!

Today is the day to head down to TOPS and celebrate Puza Thursday with discount specials. This promotion is for one day only, so get down there when you can.

JC Le Roux is on special, and you can buy two bottles for R140, while Richelieu Brandy has a buy-two special, only R330, and save R62.
The Belgravia Gin and Dry Lemon pre-mixed 660ml is going for a song at R50 for two, while the Heineken Silver Cans are selling for R350 a case, which is a steal.
If you’re the sort of person who likes to celebrate the weekend early, Phuza Thursday at TOPS is an excellent place to start.


Landskroon Cabernet Sauvignon Winner

Congratulations to Lee Rosewarne, who won a magnum of Landskroon Cabernet Sauvignon. Here she is getting her prize from Charlotte, the TOPS Manager. Lee won the wine in the Landskroon Father’s Day promotion. Lucky lady – the weather is calling for a good red!











At the SUPERSPAR, there are three full days of specials across the board.

There are assorted chicken packs and Lucky Star tinned pilchards on special for those who wish to pack in the protein this weekend.
There are discounted cheese and peanut butter for those planning weekend sarmies. Blue Ribbon white sandwich is on special to make it all a bit easier in the sandwich-making department.

For coffee lovers, there are specials on Jacobs Coffee and Ricoffy, and for those who love soft drinks and squash, there is Oros as well as Coca Cola all with hefty discounts.








Luck Of The Irish

Irish coffee was big in the ’80s – but then everything was big in the ’80s. Big hair, big shoulder pads, big ruffles on shirts, male and female. This drink is something of a tasty tweak or riff on the original.
Anyone who has had the privilege of a safari game drive that started in the dark hours before dawn will know the particular joy that a warm mug of coffee can provide. And when a slug of cream liqueur is added, the warm drink is elevated to another level.

Obviously, on safari, the most popular addition to coffee is the one which is the spirit of Africa, with the label featuring elephants picking marula fruit in the wild. This recipe, however, harks back to the source of the Irish Coffee cocktail.

The story goes that a group of travellers were stranded at an airport in Limerick, county Cork in Ireland. It was the middle of winter, and particularly nasty weather prevented their flight to New York from proceeding. The café owner brewed up a fresh pot of coffee, added a dollop of Irish whiskey for good measure and topped off each mug with thick cream.

Known as Irish Coffee on the Emerald Isle, the drink took off in the ’50s after a travel writer requested one at a San Francisco coffee shop. America took to Irish Coffee with alacrity, some believe out of nostalgia because of the number of Irish immigrants or people with Irish roots.

The origin of this Irish Cream Coffee has yet to be documented. Still, you can find the recipe on internet sites, and it appears to be a popular drink around March 17, St Patrick’s Day, celebrated with enthusiasm in the United States.

It’s essentially an Irish Coffee – a good brew, sweetened or unsweetened, depending on personal preference, with the addition of a cream liqueur. It also makes perfect sense that most often, the one chosen is the world’s number one-selling cream – Baileys. What’s not to love about an already warming whisky-laced coffee with an addition decadently creamy element added?

We picked up this fun story from the latest Cheers Magazine (slightly abridged).