International Beer Day Today, 5 August

Yep, today is International Beer Day, a global celebration of beer taking place in pubs, breweries, and backyards all over the world. It’s a day for beer lovers everywhere to raise a toast to our brewers and bartenders and rejoice in the greatness of beer! That it falls on a Friday is not a coincidence. It used to be on a specific date in August every year. Still, quite a few massive International Beer Days fell on a Monday, and it was changed to the first Friday of August every year. 

The Purpose

The purpose of International Beer Day is threefold. Well, there is another world of reasons, but these are three primary reasons for having such a fantastic day.

  • To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer. We all know how good it tastes, but on IBD, we reiterate it, repeat it, and remind each other about how delicious beer is. 
  • To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer. They’re generally a pretty hardy bunch. Hardy, but skilled. There are teams of beer soldiers toiling in the salt mines to bring you the best beer available today, and we want to celebrate these brave people.  
  • To bring the world together by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures on this memorable day. It might sound like another reason for a holiday, but it’s not. It is about bringing everyone together, and this is only a good thing in South Africa. 

At TOPS, we’re celebrating along with everyone else, and we have a few fun giveaways and some cool prizes. All Internation Beer Day giveaways will take place on our social media platforms. So find our Facebook Page, track down our Insta handle, discover us on Twitter and keep looking via the hashtag #TOPSbeerday. The giveaway prizes are cooler boxes, Springbok rugby jerseys and free Heineken beer for a year, which is not bad, not bad at all. 

Beer Trivia: Lager vs ale, what’s the difference? 


Price Cuts

We also have some significant price cuts this weekend, so make sure you’re registered as a SPAR Rewards customer to reap the full benefits of these price cuts. We have price cuts on cornflakes, vanilla custard, margarine and Vienna sausages, among many more. These price cuts are valid for the entire weekend.