What’s On At The SUPERSPAR

Cold mornings and balmy afternoons have been the norm for May so far. But unfortunately, the forecast looks like there isn’t going to be too much rain for the foreseeable future. 


Water Crisis

The water crisis is real, with Day Zero forecast for just over two weeks time. Unfortunately, that’s just around the corner.  

SUPERSPAR Village Square, we have plenty of bottled water. We have our in-store ( RO ) Reverse Osmosis filter system running at total capacity. Also, we are regularly checking the water quality from our RO system. So if you think you might need some clean drinking water, it’s a good idea to stock up on a few extra bottles of H20 over the next week or two.


Freezer Upgrades

We would like to inform our customers that we are doing a significant upgrade of our fridges and freezers in store from Sunday evening 15 May to midday, Wednesday 18 May. 

This will affect all frozen goods and some cheeses. We request that you stock up before we start the upgrade, so you have those yummy goodies in your fridges!

Thank you for your understanding! We are making your shopping experience that much better!

TOPS Specials

We still have the specials going at TOPS, so pop in and grab your favourite. It might just be time for a discounted Johnny Walker Double Black bottle or something similar. The specials extend to Flying Fish, Black Labels, wine and Savannah, so something for everyone. 

Weekly Price Cuts

Finally, we have our weekly Price Cuts, made even sweeter if you’re a Rewards customer. These specials last up until, and including, 15 May.