Three Days Of Special Deals

As the world goes into turmoil and the conflict in Ukraine starts affecting everyone, we have embarked on three days of quite incredible specials to help keep prices down.

The doom and gloom will quickly be overcome by what we offer today, Saturday and Sunday, as we do our bit to keep the economy turning. We want to help locals and visitors to shop within their means and be able to not be stressed about the gloom that is prevalent at the moment.

So, first, let’s quickly deal with the gloom.

Of all things, our fried chicken and slap chips will be affected. As if we didn’t have enough when fried chicken was banned during COVID for some reason or other, along with flip flops, vests, cigarettes and booze. Now we’re going to feel the chicken and chips crunch due to war taking place on the frozen tundra of Ukraine. Let’s explain.

Russia is a crucial producer of sunflower oil, and with the sanctions between the two regions in place –
slap chips, fried chicken, samosas, and many other meals that require deep frying could go up.
Panic buying could also become a significant factor in rising prices, so please remain calm.
First, there are the three days specials.

The SUPERSPAR Village Square also has a fantastic selection of Easter goodies on the Easter wall, and you can’t miss it. Right in front of you as you enter the store.

So make use of the specials over the weekend. We will endeavour to keep similar specials going as we approach a somewhat uncertain future. In fact, you can be sure that there will be specials that will consistently eclipse the price increases as we head into Easter and beyond.