Massive specials are currently running, and a reminder to join our SUPERSPAR Rewards Program.

We are most definitely not the people to dwell on bad news, but the current reality is that South Africa is facing a steep electricity price hike of at least 10%, a massive petrol price increase is looming, as well as the rumoured interest rate hike of 25 basis points by the end of the month. These three increases will knock the consumers around a bit during winter, and we all need to prepare for it.

The petrol price is the one that will have massive knock-on effects on the food prices. There is so much in the economy reliant on petrol and transportation that the price increases are inevitable. It seems everything is going up except salaries, and we will feel the pinch, have to tighten our belts etc.

We at the SPAR are aware of how unpleasant these price increases can be and strive to keep our prices down as much as possible. Therefore, we will also be running some fantastic savings over the next few weeks. These specials have kicked in already. They go on into the weekend and five days of great discounts from 28th March to 1st April. There’s something for everyone, so don’t miss out, stock up on your Blitz and eggs.

To enjoy the full benefits of the specials at the SPAR, it is an excellent idea to join our SUPERSPAR REWARDS program, where you can make extra savings on some excellent products. So we would like to remind everyone to join the Rewards program and enjoy all the benefits. Check it here – SPAR – Rewards. It is a straightforward process to join the program.  Once a member, the rewards will flow your way.

It has been a while since the last trade show, but SPAR had its first trade show in 2 years last week. Great new products were revealed at the show, and these will be coming into the store over the next few weeks and months. We will be announcing these product launches when they happen, so keep your eyes on this column. It’s always exciting to introduce something entirely new and see how the local community react to the new lines.

Finally, it looks like a great weekend forecast for our area and the environs, so we would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and long weekend. There’s so much to do in our little neck of the woods, and with a good weather forecast, there is a full weekend of outdoor activities, ocean activities, outside restaurants and more.