It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (we’re covering ourselves)

In the ‘best of times’ news, we have 3 winners in store of the R1000 “ Rewards Grand Cash Giveaway.” This is as good a time as any to sign up for the SUPERSPAR REWARDS campaign, where you can make extra savings on some very cool products. So we would like to remind everyone to join the Rewards program and enjoy all the benefits. Check it here – SPAR – Rewards

In the ‘worst of times’ news, we can, unfortunately, expect some price hikes due to the conflict in Ukraine. In addition, we can expect a fairly steep rise in oil prices, which directly affects farmers’ costs, causing significant food price increases.

With regards to grain, for example, fuel costs make up about 13% of grain production costs, and about 80% of South Africa’s grain is transported by road. It’s just a big knock-on effect from a war on the other side of the world.

Then we have the fact that fertilizer prices have risen by about 70%. This is because Russia is actually the world’s largest exporter of fertilizer. Who would have thought that the home of the Russian tundra would be such a fertilizer producer?

Let’s not even talk about the threat of the R40/L petrol price stories, also as a result of something so completely out of our control.

But the SUPERSPAR Village Square is working hard to keep prices down and introduce more specials. We’re also proud of Beantree and the excellent coffee they deliver to our community. While most think that coffee dehydrates, remember that every cup of coffee is actually recognized as one glass towards the 8 glasses of water you need to drink a day, if you’re an 8-cups-of-water-a-day type person.  True Story. 

Check out the Bean Tree story here

The SUPERSPAR would also like to remind everyone about our difficult water situation. We have a water program that includes plenty of bottled water at SUPERSPAR Village Square. Our reverse osmosis filter water is running at full capacity. But unfortunately, while the water quality in St Francis Bay is fine, we are under a very water-stressed situation across the whole Kouga region. So it’s a good idea to stock up on a few extra 5 litre bottles.

Here are some SPAR tips on being considerate about water usage and, ultimately, saving water

SPAR Water Usage Tips