What’s Hot, and What’s Not

Welcome to our new column, where we let everyone know who deserves roses and who should be receiving onions.

Reader contributions are welcome, and we might even offer a few prizes for the best entries.

We want entertaining contributions. Relevant, funny, and not too heavy. Photographic additions are welcome. No naming and shaming. That comes later.

14 May 2024

What’s Hot and What’s Not, submitted by ‘Slinky Fox’

What’s Hot:

KFC coming to town. Greasy fried chicken, that irristable smell permeating the air, the special mash, those tiny little bap rolls, cole slaw, weekly special deals, spicy burgers with exotic sounding names and those little chicken slider burgers that you can eat all day long with very little guilt.



What’s Not:

KFC coming to town: Temptation at the petrol station every single time you fill up. Watching your back to watch out for scolding neighbours taking photos of you with a barrel,  and if you drive a scooter, then you can just grab a takeaway and put it under your seat and have the whole scooter smelling of percolating chicken for the rest of your life.


8 May 2024

What’s Hot and What’s Not:

What’s Hot: The weather over the last few days has been good, as we enjoy the last remnants of summer and into Autumn. There is a little drift of southwest today, but still, it has been good. What a wonderful time to be alive.


What’s Not: The local companies, whose names have not been mentioned yet, who continue to speed on the roads of Cape St Francis, making it scary for children and walkers. It’s dangerous and stupid, and you will definitely be named and shamed at some point.