Continuing with the concern on fishing tackle and the imjuries it causes our wildlife, birdlife, domestic pets and potentially our kids, reader wendy Rosser asks a pertinent question.

What are the rules or laws about people fishing at our swimming beaches? 

“Further to the article published a few days ago with regard to fishing tackle which kills birds etc., which I unfortunately deleted, I am sending a pic of the tackle I picked up on Main Beach this morning. Deadly to birds, dogs and humans. A huge spiked sinker with hook and line attached.

It’s disgraceful.

A few years ago my son’s dog swallowed a baited hook at the bottom of Laura Road. The only way we knew that she had swallowed it was when we saw the line hanging out of her mouth. R 8000.00 later she was healed – after rehabilitation and problems after the operation.

My own dog also swallowed a baited hook in the same location, but fortunately I found her trying to bite it before swallowing it.

Another instance was when friends and I walked to the point. On our return, we heard a plaintive, desperate cry coming from the rocks. There was a seagull hanging upside down between the rocks with the water splashing it,  caught up in fishing gut. We rescued it but it would surely have died an horrific death.

Something must surely be done to stop this neglect. Pipes for discarded gut etc have been placed in certain strategic places which simply don’t get used. The fishermen are too lazy, or just can’t be bothered to use the facilities.

What are the rules or laws about people fishing at our swimming beaches? There is nowhere safe for swimming as it seems fishing can be done anywhere along the coast. There are many of us sea swimmers who are very unhappy about this problem.

I would appreciate it if this matter could be looked into.

I thank you for the opportunity to voice our opinions.”

We shall certainly investigate to see if there are indeed bylaws publish them here.