An opportunity to meet not only genuine Bushmen

An opportunity for discerning guests to meet with genuine Bushmen on a four-day adventure in the Kalahari Desert with the masters of survival – Africa’s original ‘children of nature’.

The Kalahari Bushmen, descendants of an ancient and wise lineage, will demonstrate their exceptional bush skills, interact with your group and teach you about the food, medicines and mysteries of the bushveld.

The Get Real Africa team has identified a group of Bushmen who not only have maintained their amazing bush skills, but have retained aspects of the “old culture” – a fascinating, educational lifestyle that must be seen to be believed.

This clan wishes to continue with their traditional lifestyle and to generate an income through guiding. Just as important is the opportunity provided for the Bushmen to preserve their skills and cultural heritage.

Three days spent walking in the wild will afford guests the experience of a lifetime as they observe Bushmen displaying their tracking, hunting and trapping skills. The collection of plants, berries, tubers and insects for food, medicine and poison will also be demonstrated, together with fire-making and much more.

This clan has been specially selected because of its exceptional ability, and will, to interact with guests; the presence of a member whose stories are also available in book form; and an elder regionally recognised for his exceptional spiritual powers

For many, the revelation will be more about the human values and qualities upon which the Bushmen culture is built.

Guests will walk where many of Africa’s wild animals still walk, including antelope, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, many smaller species and some of the larger cats. Bird life is prolific, particularly around water holes. What you don’t see leaves spoor and scat, which the Bushmen will interpret for you

During the months of August and September Get Real Africa is offering packages that make meeting these incredible ‘children of nature’ at Rand friendly prices.

The offer presently available is designed to provide like-minded South African’s with an opportunity to benefit from this unique experience at a more affordable price. Unfortunately the window of opportunity is rather limited for a number of reasons.

So if you are a lover of the natural world and wish to spend time being guided by the masters of this world, this is your opportunity. Beyond this, if you wish to interact with humans who exhibit connectedness, ie with nature, their inner selves and community, and the happiness this provides, this might be the only chance you ever get.

For more information please contact Clive Horlock by e-Mail on or visit the Get Real Africa website