Waitrons jump in to save toddler.

Two Joe Fish waitrons became heroines last weekend when they saved a toddler who had fallen into the swimming pool.

Vee and Annelisa at Joe Fish Restaurant

Vee (pictured right) was serving lunch to a table of four on at poolside when she noticed the toddler in the group was continually walking very close to water’s edge. Anticipating the danger Vee approached the group and suggested they should seat the child on a chair she had brought them suggesting it would stop him wandering around the pool.

Appreciating the danger and anticipating a potential disaster Vee kept an eye on the toddler as she went about serving diners. Turning from attending a table she saw the toddler and was now walking right on the pool edge of the opposite side of the pool to where his parents sat. Almost on cue because of his unsteady gait the inevitable happened. The toddler fell into the pool.

In an instant and without hesitation jumped into the pool and grabbed at the now submerged child. Seeing the and realising her colleague needed help, Annelisa too, jumped into the water and managed to get the child by the hair and lift him out the water. By this time other diners had seen what was happening and one diner came to the two heroine’s aid and lifted the child out of the water. No worse for wear thanks to the quick reactions of Vee and Annelisa the child was reunited with very embarrassed but thankful parents.

Well done ladies!

Joe Fish is the poolside restaurant at Cape St Francis Resort where Sunday lunches offer not only a superb menu choice but on most Sunday’s, live music.A truly great venue for Sunday lunch for the whole family.