This actually started off as a “GOOD DEED” story but with so many good souls involved in this wonderful example of how together we can achieve a better St Francis for all of us who live here we felt it deserved a page of it’s own.

The quote “It takes a village” is usually used in reference to raising a child but in this instance it appropriate to how a group of local business people came together and made a difference.

All too often following a report of a dog being knocked over on Tarragona, Facebook posts rebuke Sea Vista pet owners of not confining their animals. Whilst doubtful that these comments cause dog owners to tie up their dogs, owners are doing so of their own volition to prevent their pets roaming the township. The result is far too many animals are being left tied or chained to posts in sometimes appalling conditions often without shade or water. Most are probably unaware that it is illegal to tie /  chain a dog and to threaten them with such actions would do little for good community interaction.

Enter Susan Rae Fox of St Francis Animal Rescue on one of her many trips into Sea Vista to care for newly born pups, underfed lactating mothers or treating ill dogs and puppies.

On one of these outings into Sea Vista, Susan came across Flippy, owner of four beautifully conditioned and obviously well-loved Pitbull’s. As Flippy’s yard is unfenced there was no other way of confining them thus the tethers to prevent his dogs roaming,

After some negotiations with a very concerned and cooperative Flippy, two of the dogs were carted off to the vet to be sterilised but this hardly solved the problem for the dogs would still need to be tethered.  So a solution was sought and through the power of Facebook, Susan received support for her plea from several business people in St Francis.

With help, financial and in kind, Susan put together a team that have now cleaned up Flippy’s garden, composted and fertilised the ground, laid a lawn and finally fenced the property leaving the dogs not only a comfortable environment but also there is no longer a need to tether them.

Of course business cannot be expected to sponsor every similar incident but where there are other owners who could benefit from similar assistance there could be  financial commitment from the dog owner themselves with assistance in kind to make the improvements from both the Sea Vista community and business. Any ongoing to greening up of the township should be encouraged and projects such as this are certainly a start. There are already several gardening projects in place in Sea Vista and the more vegetable patches, neat and tidy gardens with lawns and trees will make for a healthier, safer living space for kids and dogs to grow up in.

So from Sue

“Thank you all those who are participating in our project to fence and grass the yard belonging to Flippy who owns four beautiful Pitbulls. These dogs have been removed from their chains, two have been sterilized and the other two will be sterilized next week. Thank you, Kate Meikle Menhennet and Bob Meikle – for your donation of fencing to keep Flippy’s four Pitbulls safely contained in their yard. Thanks Sarah-Jane Swanepoel and your team from Dune Ridge Country House for your donation of compost, horse-manure and water for the grass being planted today. And thanks to the Brent family, Les, Neil and Sharon Brent for your donation of six bags of compost. We so appreciate your kindness in assisting us with this project. Thanks, Kathy Brady, for this wonderful donation of Kikuyu grass laid by the landscaping team from Nick Argo‘s Roots Gardens. We are a little short of grass – but will be rectifying that next week. As a gift, the heavens opened up and the rain poured down, just as the grass was laid.”

St Francis Animal Rescue has now embarked upon a 2020 mission to remove chains from Sea Vista dogs. They will be educating owners on the side-effects of chaining these animals – muscle wastage, increased aggression, depression and frustration – and will be persuading owners to contribute towards fencing their yards to stop this behaviour. The simplest solution to prevent chaining, is to provide a secure environment for the dogs.
St Francis Animal Rescue is researching ways and means to affordably provide fencing for key areas where dogs are chained. All help with this endeavour will be greatly appreciated.