Church signs vandalised but perpetrators caught on CCTV

It is regrettable that during the holiday season hooliganism, bad behavior and vandalism increase. All will have noticed the number of street and other signs that are uprooted, defaced, broken etc. Shame on the perpetrators!

The latest organisation to have fallen foul of these individuals (or groups) is the St Francis United Church. This church is an integral part of the community and undoubtedly does a number of good works in the area.

In the early hours of Friday morning, persons unknown ripped down a banner outside the church and made off with it; thus making this a criminal act as confirmed by  Captain Nyameke Gomoche of the SAPS. Chris Barratt, Chairperson of the United Church said that they were very upset at this act not only because of the monetary value but because of the message that the banner contained “Put Christ back into Christmas”, a slogan that we firmly believe in!

The fact of the matter is that on following up with residents in the area it was ascertained that the incident occurred at about three o’clock on Friday morning. It was easy then to contact Atlas Security through the SF Property Owners Association regarding the security cameras in the area. Via the control room it was then confirmed that they have clear CCTV footage of the three young males ripping the posters off and continuing up St Francis Drive towards Santareme.

The matter was reported to the police who are investigating and have provided a case number. The signage was later recovered in the vicinity of Harbour Road.

SAPS will be investigating the fingerprints thereon and using the images for identification purposes.

It is suggested that the individuals or their parents phone the church on either 042 294 1943 or 082 921 8984 so as to clarify matters and avoid possible criminal records.

Press Release – United Church – Chris Barratt

Editors Comment: These kids more than likely come from privileged homes and therefore should not be let off the hook. Let them face the full face of the law even if it means they end up with a criminal conviction. Vandalism is far too prevalent in St Francis at this time of the year and youngsters who destroy street signs and other valuable property need to be made an example of.