Nexus Yacht fire

Black smke told St Francis residents that another fire was threatening – Photo courtesy Craig Briggs

Nexus Yachts fire

The mangle aftermath of what was once a luxury yacht – Photo courtesy Craig Briggs

Two yachts under construction at Nexus Yachts in St Francis Bay, each valued in region of R30 million  were destroyed in yesterday’s fire. The cause of the fire has not yet been established but thanks to Kouga Fire, the St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group (SFDVG) and Nexus’ own personnel the fire contained before it could spread causing more havoc..

Private Care Ambulance Services was called to assess those fighting the fire due to the possibly having inhaled the possibly toxic thick black smoke from the fire. Fortunately no injuries were reported and Kouga Fire and SFDVG stood down.

Apart from the tw yachts that were destroyed the two shed in which the yachts were being buil was aere also destroyed. If there can be any good news from such a devatsting event, none of the other yachts under different stages of consruction were damaged.

Nexus Yacht shed destroyed

Destroyed shed – Photo courtesy Craig Briggs