A planned meeting took place yesterday evening, 11th November, in the Sea Vista Hall which was very poorly attended.  When the meeting started neither the Mayor,  her Committee members nor the Municipal Manager had arrived.   Your Chairman voiced his concern that this was now the second meeting in as many weeks where the Mayor and senior officials had not attend and indicated that this showed a total lack of interest by the municipality in resolving the many serious issues that exist in Sea Vista and St Francis Bay.  A number of irate Sea Vista residents then demanding that the meeting should be cancelled until such time as those senior municipal officials were in attendance.

A show of hands clearly indicated that the majority wanted the meeting postponed and this was duly done.  As this happened the Mayor actually arrived and was informed why the meeting had been cancelled.   Obviously, this problem has got to be seriously addressed by our municipality and a future date for the meeting has yet to be confirmed.

Copies of the IDP review for 2016/17 where handed out and if anyone is interested, a copy can be viewed in our office.

St Francis Bay Residents Association



Nobody, no matter their position, be it a President, Mayor, school principal or a salesman, has the right not to show up for a planned meeting on time. Maybe it’s an African continent thing but that doesn’t make it any less disrespectful and come voting time, the community should consider this disrespect along with all the other broken promises made just to get votes.


Attending a presentation yesterday at the Links that was due to start at 08:30, everyone was seated and when the host opened proceedings at exactly 08:31. Nobody arrived late or if they did, they had enough respect not to disrupt the gathering. That is the way it should be – the audience respecting the presenter by being seated on time and the presenter respecting the audience by starting on time.