The latest issue of The West Wind digital lifestyle magazine is live, and it has loads of exciting and interesting local content.


The cover and photo feature is on Mike Ruthnum aka MRImages from Jeffreys Bay. Mike shoots some excellent images in and around JBay as well as further afield. You will notice a sick image of local Joel Dace kiteboarding at the Kromme, as well as a few other interesting angles and drone shots. Mike has an eye for the surf shot though, and that is what the body of his work is based around.

The FOSTER AGM is going to be held on 3rd March at the Cape St Francis Resort, who are kindly sponsoring this function. These AGMs are usually fun and interesting, and this one will also have a talk by  Prof Richard Cowling. The AGM and talk are open to all and everyone is encouraged to go along and find out just what good work the people at FOSTER are doing in our reserves and further.

There is more information on the Santareme Phase One proposal, with an article written by Dave Hapur in which he outlines the objectives of the Phase One plan of cameras, safety patrols and cameras in Santareme. With so many people moving to St Francis, security needs to be paramount, and this does seem like a very good idea.

For those of you who wish to get fit again, there is an easy beginner running training program for advice on how to get started, what distances are cool and more importantly, how to avoid injury in the early phases of your running career. St Francis Bay is an awesome place to run, there is also the St Francis Bay Runners Club as well as the weekly Park Ru and the weekly Time Trials

Wine On Water is around the corner and for those of you lucky enough to have a ticket, the article inside will also explain a little bit more about this wonderful upcoming event.  There is much excitement in the air about this event.