23 December 2021

The West Wind Digital Lifestyle Magazine Issue 13 Is Live

The West Wind Digital Lifestyle Magazine

The West Wind Issue 13

The West Wind digital lifestyle magazine is an extremely popular e-mag covering the greater St Francis Bay area. Issue 13 is once again crammed with cool stories, events, happenings, reviews, and other exciting bits of news and information from the beautiful St Francis Bay zone.
In issue 13, you will find a photographer showcase featuring the stunning work of Sharon Welman. Her work focuses on nature and animals and is a joy to behold.

Features include a review of the delightful Nevermind Restaurant in Cape St Francis, nestled under the Seal Point lighthouse. Wonderful food, an awesome vibe, excellent service and flavours that beg you to eat more.

Nevermind Restaurant at the Seal Point lighthouse.

Stunning food and service at Nevermind in Cape St Francis

Professor Cowling writes about clearing bush in urban plots and urban spaces and explains in great detail what this means for biodiversity. There has been lively debate on this topic recently in the hood, and Prof Cowling quickly cuts to the chase.

We also run through Fresh The Laundry and why it is better to use this service instead of using your own water at home. Jim Fletcher has developed an awesome service and there has been nothing but good words and reviews of his brainchild Fresh. Click on the app, and they will come and pick up.

Fresh The Laundry is up and running

The Freshmobile, with Jim Fletcher behind the wheel, doing Fresh Laundry deliveries.

Matt Davis has started the Sport For Youth Soccer Academy, and we have a good look at the start-up and see what it’s all about. Matt is setting it up as an NGO and is looking for some help with funding and with equipment. It’s an awesome idea and we wish him all the best.

Sport For Youth Soccer Academy

Matt Davis and the Sport For Youth Soccer Academy

Finally, we examine how R20million of cocaine washed up at Supers in JBay, and if there might be more out there. A second parcel washed up later at Oyster Bay, so there just might be a few more of them floating around in the deep. The big question is, if you find a parcel on the beach, what would you do?

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