We know from all the excellent sales that the overall St Francis property market has been very buoyant this year, but you might ask “has the top end of the St Francis property market (over R10m) also been buoyant in 2021”?

The answer is “yes”.

Here is the evidence: since 2012, there has been an average of only two sales over R10m per year (the most was three) ….   until 2021, with ten sales over R10m already!

 Eight were in the canal area, one in the village, and one in Santareme, all around R10m and R11m, except the two in Mayotte Circle, R14m and R17.5m.

Further interesting facts about sales over R10m:

  • The first-ever residential sale over R10m was for R21m (yes!) by Pam Golding in Praslin Reach on the canals, way back in 2008. It was then in fact the highest sale ever in the whole East Cape. After that, we had to wait until 2012 for the next sale over R10m. It was for R12.75m, also on the canals.
  • So far there have been a total of 31 sales over R10m: 25 on the canals (including some on the river in Sunset Drive), four in Cape St Francis (all on the beachfront, all under R12m), two in the Village (in Ralph and Guinevere Roads, both under R12m), one in Santareme (in Tom Brown, in 2021 for R11m) and none on the Links
  • Of the 31 sales, only five were for more than R15m (R17.5m, R17m, R20m, R21m, R23m), and 26 were between R10m and R15m. All sales over R12m were in the canal area.