Little Reinette Windvogel contracted meningitis when just a little older than a toddler that rendered almost totally deaf. Shortly after, her mother passed away and she was left In the care of relatives.

Rienette is now eight years old and has never been schooled owing to her condition. Brought to the attention of St Francis resident Judi Slade by her domestic, Judi went in search of assistance. It appears that there are virtually no facilities for deaf children in the province and it will be some six months before she can be examined at the Port Elizabeth Provincial Hospital and probably another six months, if not longer before she can be fitted with desperately needed hearing aids.

At wits end at the delays of the province medical process Judi took Reinette to Hear Clearly Acoustical in Port Elizabeth who tested Reinette and found that her condition can be significantly improved if fitted with hearing aids.

Now certainly the province will possibly fit her with hearing aids sometime in the future but this could take a year or even longer leaving this little child to grow up unable to speak, unable to learn living in her little world of silence.

Hear Clearly can fit hearing aids for Reinette at cost in the region of R20,000 and this will enable Reinette to start school at Talhado by start of the new term in 2019. She is already being tutored privately with aids from Talhado but progress is being hindered by her hearing condition.

If you are able to dig deep into your pockets and assist little Reinette hear, not the sounds of silence but the joys of children laughing and playing, donations can be made to

St Francis United Church
Standard Bank
Branch – 050015
Account # – 288098684

Add the name “Reinette” to your deposit and you can mail a copy to

St Francis Today does not normally publish such appeals but agreed to this appeal so touched were we at meeting and hearing Reinette story.