The peak St. Francis Christmas season is now just a wonderful memory. Many locals start the eleven-month preparation for the next Christmas season!

The population of our town increases by a factor of probably at least 5x for three weeks, and maybe 10x for the peak Christmas and New year week!

The town had another bumper holiday rentals season. Businesses generally are pleased with their season’s trading, some calling it the best ever.

For many businesses, the influx of visitors is hugely important to their annual turnover. For example, the hospitality trade probably achieves a few months turnover within a few weeks!

Builders and many sub-contractors had to finish homes in time for the season and many maintenance and upgrades to existing houses. So the cycle starts again in January!

Pam Golding reached out to St Francis Today and told us that over the last 25 years in St Francis, they have found that sales are spread reasonably evenly throughout the year; if the season goes off well, the property sales should follow in the coming months.

So how was the 2021/2022 season? Well, given the drought, there was water in the taps … and electricity in the plugs. There were no serious fires or floods. And the continuing trend of lower crime since the introduction of cameras a few years ago continued.

And Billy’s Beach continues to attract the under 25’s (and their families!). And the numerous and well-organised sporting events continue to draw the crowds.

And although so many people had Covid, for most, it was relatively minor, and the beaches and pubs remained open for the whole season, unlike 12 months ago.
But …. the water was a bit cold … and the east wind did blow.


Thanks to Richard Arderne for helping us to compile this thoughtful article.