A resounding NO!

We did say it was a controversial subject and whilst there are a few local Cape St Francis residents who appear to support the concept of an interlinking road between the Port and da Gama Road, Cape St Francis, others were vehemently opposed. Comments from those not living in CSF appear that they would enjoy easier access to the fabulous sands of Cape St Francis’ beach but in general the locals will have none of it. One can certainly understand and respect the naysayer’s reasons and brave would be any group who try and take such a proposal further.

Human life takes precedence over everything and thus if the Air Park ‘escape route’ is sufficient to ensure easy and guaranteed access to and from Cape St Francis in times of disaster, so be it.  Sadly however we all know money speaks and one day the pure economics of it will probably see a near highway quality road join the Port with CSF, hopefully not in most of our lifetimes.

Staying with roads and Cape St Francis, most of those who live in Cape St Francis respect the 40 kilometre speed limit in force throughout the village. Unfortunately there are a few who don’t!  Two ladies in particular have been mentioned as being particularly guilty for they, amongst others, show total disregard for the limit and speed down the ‘main drag’ and into da Gama as ii competing in a grand prix. One can only imagine what the long straight that da Gama would offer them if it is ever extended to join St Francis Drive.

They are not alone though and there are several others including ‘out of village’ contractors who rush in and out of the village. Kids are on holiday at the moment so to all readers who care, we really should show our disdain to speedsters and pull up them up to point it out to them that we have a 40 KPH limit. Whilst 50 maybe OK at a push, 100 is not!

Your comments on the Road …  and speeding are welcomed!