Those deprived of their nicotine fix and having to go cold turkey will have climbed walls an no doubt there has been family arguments and some serious psychological damage done.

Cigarettes and Lockdown

Most concerning with regard to Dlamini-Zuma’s reasons for stopping the sale of cigarettes, apart from her absolutely ridiculous “zol” comments is her obvious ignorance that those stopping smoking face a high risk of obesity and in turn diabetes 2. Her claim that is because of respiratory reasons too are absolute hogwash for if someone has been smoking 40 a day for thirty years stopping isn’t suddenly going reverse years and years of lung damage. And most smokers will confirm that whenever the quit for a period of time they tend to smoke more when they restart. So instead of 40 a day it becomes 50 a day.

 If cigarettes were simply not available ever again, anywhere in the world, then maybe Dlamini-Zuma’s plan would work but her dear friend Adriano Mazzotti and of course her step son Edward are no doubt making millions out of the illicit trade. Buying blackmarket cigarettes it would seem is not that difficultand are quite freely available for those desperate enugh to be heavily fined and carry a criminal record into their future.

But more serious than buying blackmarket, is the trend of people smoking rooibos tea and adding all sorts of additives including, according to an interview on eNews yesterday, cut up nicotine patches to try and get their nicotine fix. How much damage are they doing to their lungs? And guess what, they have to roll a ZOL to smoke their concoction probably using newspaper without filters and complete with harmful ink inhalation.

Imagine arriving in Australia for a visit and being asked if you have a criminal record, that is of course if you can get a visa in the first place, and your reply is “yes, for being a smoke”.

Well done Dlamini-Zuma for increasing more fat people with diabetes and an increase in lung cancer. You are indeed a genius.

And for those that haven’t seen the “ZOL” song that is taking the world by storm