The Buildit St Francis Story

by Gordon Kotze


Hello, wonderful community!

Right up front, thank you for your support! As a family operated and owned business, the support from old friends and new friends has been appreciated. We (our family) took a bold leap of faith, opening a new business for the community, and the unabridged support has been sublime. So from my family to yours, thank you so much, with a fistful of gratitude! Simunye!!

As a family, we have been coming to St Francis Bay since 1979. We have owned a home here for 16 years, and my brother, Duncan and my incredible sister-in-law, Lucy, have been here for 20 years. So, as the old adage says, we are part of the furniture. My wonderful and charismatic mum is the bowls club president, and my amazing sister-in-law has been involved with St Francis College for years. Both of my sons started their educational journey at the College. What an absolute blessing.

Three of us “run the show”, namely Dale, Duncan, and I. Dale’s dad owned Hill Paint and Hardware in Westbourne Road in PE for numerous years until he retired and Dale bought his dad out. Dale is a machine. His energy, work ethic, honesty, experience, humbleness, confidence and commitment are indeed something to experience. An absolute pioneer of the hardware and building industry with 30 years of experience. While he may be a relatively new resident, if you meet Dale, you will not forget him. An absolutely wonderful human, and proud to call him family.

The wonderful thing (IMHO) about our new Buildit is that you walk in as a customer and leave as a friend. If you have had the opportunity to visit us, you can attest to this. We are super focused on the “experience”, and no other store within an 80km radius can compete with our enthusiasm. Bold words, I know, but pop in and experience it for yourself. Would love to meet you!

With the community at the forefront of our thinking, we, along with Buildit head office, are embarking on a truly wonderful journey with the local u13 football league. With the guidance from Matt Davis, we are gearing up for an 8 team u13 football tournament.

With the help from our sponsors and local support, this will be a fantastic family day, and I look forward to seeing you all there and meeting new people.
We are a new young business. While we cannot be everything to everyone, we would relish the opportunity for feedback. We will strive to serve the community as best we can. All positive suggestions will be welcomed, and we shall endeavour to implement them for the greater good of the community.

Pop into the shop. We are always there, even if you don’t need to purchase anything, we have great coffee and even better staff. Always ready for a coffee and a chat or just to lend an ear.

Best regards