Nooitgedacht water relief?


The recently completed Phase 2 of the Nooitgedagt Low Level Scheme has undergone a week of testing, and is now approved for ongoing supply to our City.

After two years of construction, this additional supply could not have come at a better time. An extra 140 million litres of water will now be pumped daily into the Municipality’s network, compensating for the drought-induced shortages at the Western supply dams.

Having already lost all supply from Churchill Dam, with Kouga Dam now at 15%, Nooitgedagt Phase 2 may very well carry the Municipality through the remaining months of winter. The Department of Water and Sanitation has imposed a 22% restriction on sourcing water from the western supply dams, limiting daily supply to 274.9 ML.

The Infrastructure & Engineering Directorate, led by MMC Annette Lovemore, has done well to meet targets in this regard, taking some of the sting out of the ongoing drought.

However, the Municipality remains water scarce with demand and supply still neck and neck. Our water saving efforts absolutely have to continue unabated – let us continue working together to instil a water wise culture in our Metro.

Not only is this government working tirelessly to increase water supply, but there is also a concerted effort to repair the City’s ageing infrastructure. Standby teams of plumbers have been working weekends over the last three months to drastically reduce the number of leaks.


Daily water usage

Reader Shirley Cowling submitted the following ‘chart’ on how to budget your water usage. Although our water situation has not yet reached quite the same critical stage that Cape Town faces, unless we receive good rains in the coming months, there is no guarantee that we won’t be faced with even more stringent controls than those the Kouga municipality introduced this month and as published on St Francis Today on July 21.

Churchill dam, the largest dam supplying water to Nelson Mandela Bay Water from where Kouga draws its water is reported to be below 8% and even though Impofu is at 58% and Groendal at 50%, the combined levels of our supply dams are just a little above 30%. It really is time to take our water situation seriously, not only to avoid excess water charges but also to ensure we have enough water going into the holiday season.

CAPACITY 15.52% 7.97% 58.74% 24.82% 50.77%
VOLUME OF WATER 19 537 Ml  2 810 Ml 62 124 Ml   751 Ml 5 910 Ml
TOTAL 91 132 Ml

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The budget below is based on Cape Town restrictions.

Water usage budget

New Water Tarrifs

Kouga water tariffs