SA vs The World

South Africa vs the Rest of the World Bowls

Fun and laughter was the order of the day at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club this last weekend when the South Africa versus the Rest of the World Competition took place.

Bowlers from many parts of the world have settled in St Francis Bay and in summer there is an influx of visitors from overseas, euphemistically called “swallows”. Both these groups formed the “rest of the world” team and played against those born in South Africa. This introduces a fun element of rivalry and makes for a very sociable afternoon of bowls.

SA vs Rest of World Bowls

Graham Alison, an English resident, who owns a house in St Francis Bay and spends each summer here, initiated the competition eight years ago and donated a floating trophy. He puts a great deal of effort and enthusiasm into the arrangements by organising the hampers (to which members contribute items) and providing wine for the “touchers”. It also serves as a fund-raising event for the club and this year money raised from the hamper raffles will go towards the borehole which has become so necessary in this time of drought.

The spirit was fantastic and it proved to be a colourful affair as participants dressed up to represent their countries of origin. Many green and gold rugby shirts were donned by the South African team and Rijks Kotze, who did something really innovative, was voted the best dressed on the day in her long African-styled dress and headdress. Union Jacks were in evidence, red and white from the Swiss, greens from the Irish contingent, and traditional Dutch dress, (naturally without the clogs whilst on the green!)

There was much friendly rivalry between the two teams captained by Graham (Rest of the World) team and Rolly Marsh (South Africa). This year the Rest of the World Team played extremely well and were jubilant with their 84/57 win over the locals.

Peter Talbot, President of the Club, said: “This competition has become a tradition and builds camaraderie among club members and as such it is good for the club. The members get into the spirit of the occasion, which is a glorified ‘tabs in’ with a bit of fun.”

The camaraderie continued afterwards with the fires being lit for a bring-and-braai to end off what proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Article & photograph: Yvonne Bosman

Some fun on the St Francis Greens

Parents & kids join in the fun

First barefoot bowls at St Francis Bay Bowling Club, with parents and children from St Francis Bay College. The children played bingo while the parents bowled, this was a fund raiser for the college, we had 48 parents bowling and 30/40 children playing bingo.

Barefoot Bowls - adults & kids having fun

Barefoot Bowls - adults & kids having fun

Barefoot Bowls - adults & kids having fun

Barefoot Bowls - adults & kids having fun

What a fantastic eve great fun was had by all.

Mixed Drawn Trips Competition at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club

Trips Competition at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club

The Mixed Drawn Trips Competition at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club was well supported but besieged by bad weather. The competition was supposed to be played on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June 2016 and everyone was geared up for this popular competition.

Keen rivalry was the order of the day on Thursday 9th with twenty four bowlers keen to follow on the next day and pit their skills against the other mixed drawn trips on Friday. That was not to be as heavy rain put paid to any thought of playing at all on Friday. The possibility of continuing the competition on Saturday was considered but rain again had the last word and all bowls was cancelled on Saturday as well.

The only possibility was to play on the normal “Club Day” so the final day of the competition was eventually held on Wednesday, 15 June.

Even on this last day of the Mixed Drawn Trips rain interrupted play but the bowlers persisted and played on regardless to complete the event.

The winners were Toby Haring, Gerald Rugheimer and Margie Young. Runners up were John Poole, Viki Hilligan and Pam Stark.

In spite of the inclement weather, the participants enjoyed the competition and were undeterred by the persistent rain.

Winners of the Mixed Drawn Trips

Winners of the Mixed Drawn Trips Competition (back row l to r) Toby Haring, Margie Young and Gerald Rugheimer. Runners up (front row) were Viki Hilligan, John Poole and Pam Stark. – Photo & article Yvonne Bosman