Haydn Holmes, Julian Taylor and Ant Pearce were the three swimmers, joined by some friends along the way, who pioneered two swims over the last two days in St Francis Bay.

The first was the somewhat daunting Kromme Descent In A Day – 14 kms down the Kromme with the tide, although the tide assistance only kicks in quite late down the Kromme.

Kromme Descent In A Day

Heading down the Kromme


The Kromme Descent routemap.


The Kromme Descent finish at The Cove with Ant Julian and Haydn, and friends.


This, however, was just the warm-up for the big deal swim, the 9km Shark Point Swim.

Shark Point Swim



Before the Shark Point swim with Ant, Julian and Haydn.


Haydn Holmes, from Liquid Line and The Pound, is the originator of the Shark Point swim. Hardcore and not for the faint of heart, nothing has ever been done like this before. From the Seal Point Jump Rock, straight across the bay to the aptly-named Shark Point, and then the long grind all the way down the point to Grannies Pool.






The Seal Point Jump Rock


A full safety crew was on hand for the entire swim.


It is the first time ever for this adventure and it is a treacherous swim. There was a strong southwesterly wind blowing, a solid 8 – foot south west ocean swell, and as we all lnow, this part of our coast;ine is well populated with sea creatures of various sizes and dispositions. A full support crew was on hand to guide and to protect all the way through to the finish.

With crystal-clear water, the conditions were epic despite the wind and swell, and all three swimmers made it to Grannies and beers after a massive adventure of spirit and physical endeavour.

Solid surf and swell, and the swimmers embarking on their 9km journey.


The route map. Not the easiest of swims, quite scary, bit of a challenge etc.


The route followed a direct line, with a decently wide berth around the treacherous Shark Point headland.


The swimmers easing around the corner into the more sheltered water in the lee of the point.


“To get to swim with a couple of my hero’s and legends of swimming and open water swimming has been a dream come true and an experience I’ll never forget. Day one – length of the Kromme River, 14km. Day two Seal Point around Shark Point to Grannies Pool 9km. Ant Pearce and Julian Taylor thank you, and to all the support and supporters thank you. Seems like Liquid Lines and The Pound may have a new swim challenge on the calendar.” – Haydn Holmes.

The final stretch as the swimmers headed down the point en route to Grannies.


Home and safe at Grannies. Well done to Ant, Julian and Haydn, and all the supporters and safety crew for a job well done.